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V Rising Solarus the Immaculate Location and Solo Easy Kill Strategy


The showdown with Solarus the Immaculate is one of the toughest challenges in V Rising. During these boss fights, you need to be prepared, especially if you wish to tackle it solo. You need the right potions, build, and loadout to kill Solarus the Immaculate in V Rising successfully.

In this guide, we will provide you with the best tips and recommendations for solo cheese Solarus the Immaculate, including the best build and loadout and tips to avoid its attacks.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to take on Solarus the Immaculate, it’s time to gear up and prepare for your life’s fight. Remember, with the proper preparation and strategy, anything is possible. Good luck, adventurers, and let’s conquer this beast together!”

Where to Find Solarus the Immaculate Location

Head to the Fortress of Light in the Silverlight Hills to meet Solarus the Immaculate. This vast fortress is a cinch to find on your map – just give it a quick look-see. And when you mouse over the area, you’ll get all the info you need on Solarus, including the fact that he’s the big boss of all Paladins.

The Fortress of Light packs a punch with its Holy Radiation Damage. It’s passive damage, so you won’t be able to do anything about it other than protect yourself, it’s a smart move to pack some Holy Resistance Potions and gear up with a cloak that’s got your back against this effect. Trust us; it’ll be worth it.

Preparing for Solarus the Immaculate Boss Fight

While we are going to solo cheese this boss, we can’t think of him as a joke. So come prepared. What that means for you depends on your skills, but in this case, we’re going in with all guns blazing. Before heading to the boss arena, make sure you’ve got at least one of each of these items in your arsenal:

  • A Brew of Ferocity to boost your physical power by 4
  • An Enchanted Brew to increase your spell power by 4
  • A Potion of Rage for a physical power boost of 8
  • A Witch Potion for a spell power boost of 8
  • A Holy Resistance Flask to increase your holy resistance by 75

And in case you were wondering, yes, all these potions stack. All five can be active at the same time for the maximum impact, which means Solarus the Immaculate will have a tough day. The reason we want to go all-in on both physical and magical attacks is that this kill strategy requires a balance of both to kill Solarus the Immaculate.

Best Gear and Abilities to Use

For the accessory slot, use the Shard of the Frozen Crypt which beefs up your ability buffs. Sanguine Reaper is going to be your main weapon, with its E Ability, Howling Reaper, serving as a powerful ranged attack – just what we need in this fight.

For abilities, use Veil of Bones for its 25% damage amplification, Chaos Volley – one of the strongest sources of damage in the game, Sanguine Coil – a fantastic option for chip damage and recovery, and Arctic Leap your ultimate.

Don’t forget to aim for a 100% Scholar, but if you can’t find one, settle for the highest percentage you can get. If you’re unfamiliar with Prisoners and how to use them to your advantage for infinite 100% Blood, check out our video breaking down the system. With this loadout, you’ll be ready to conquer the boss and come out on top.

Solarus the Immaculate Easy Kill Strategy

This is going to be a multi-phase boss fight and each phase has its own tips and tricks you need to beat Solarus easily.

Phase #1

In the first phase of the Solarus fight, he’ll use a few different attacks, like a basic melee slash and a spinning blade attack. Be careful when he shoots out a straight blade, as two other blades will jut off to the sides and come back to him at a 15% angle.

Move out of the way of the single blade and then step right back in front of the boss to continue the fight; this is the easiest way to dodge these blades as far as we know.

Watch for small beams of light he throws at you in a specific pattern. The spacing between the beams gets larger the further away you are from the boss, making it easier to dodge this attack.

Solarus likes to dash towards you throughout phase 1, summoning small holy lights. These attacks are damaging and can stun you, so it’s important to stay in front of the boss’s path and move off to the side to avoid taking damage.

The boss will occasionally move to the center of the room and spawn two holy wells that shoot out large balls of holy energy. These attacks don’t do much damage, so there nothing to worry about unless your health is really low.

The main goal in phase 1 is to deal as much damage to Solarus as possible. The best method is to immediately start the fight by using your ultimate ability, to have it available again before the end of the fight.

Familiarize yourself with Solarus’ core moveset as much as possible to prepare for phase 2, which gets much tougher.

It’s vital to keep restoring your health by using Sanguine Coil; this way, you can keep yourself topped off so long as you don’t make any crucial mistakes. This is essential when things get more chaotic. When Solarus reaches 50% health, he’ll summon an Angel Avatar. before phase 2 starts, the boss will summon an angel minion but avoid attacking her for now.

Target the boss and wait for it to become invulnerable; that’s when you start to attack the angel and hopefully bring it down before phase 2.

Phase #2

It’s important to continue focusing on the boss and the Fallen Angel. The move set outlined should also allow you to damage both targets. Once the boss is defeated, shift your focus to the Fallen Angel and take it down. It’s essential to remain focused and use your entire arsenal of abilities to make this phase as easy as possible. Remember to target the right target at all times. Overall, Phase 2 is considered easier than Phase 1, so stay calm and focused on bringing down Solarus successfully.

For more on V Rising, see Foulrot the Soultaker Boss Fight, Goreswine The Ravager Boss Fight.

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