In Diablo Immortal, players will face off against various fearsome foes, but none is more dangerous than Skarn, the endgame boss. A massive demon with a taste for human suffering, Skarn is more powerful than any other enemy in the game and can quickly decimate an unprepared player. Therefore, those who wish to challenge Skarn need to be at the top of their game, as even a slight mistake can result in a quick and painful death. However, those who defeat Skarn will be greatly rewarded, as his death will increase their Combat Rating by a significant amount.

In the Realm of Damnation, Scarn is a hideous monster that may be found. He is the ruler of this realm, and his underground rooms may only be accessed after completing the Lord of Damnation quest. Therefore, players must first aid Verathiel and the other Angels to get into his rooms. They will then have an opportunity to fight Skarn and defeat him.

How to Beat Skarn Helliquary

Encountering Skarn Helliquary means you compete in the two-phase fight scene. The Skarn is not a simple monster that you can quickly kill. However, for this fight, you must prepare with the right equipment. Otherwise, you will get killed in the first hit.

Phase #1

In the first phase of the Skarn Helliquary campaign, he will primarily utilize weaker assaults that can simply be avoided by moving laterally. You must attack him at the same time as you avoid his assaults. If you’re good enough, his attacks won’t do much damage, but if you’re not, you won’t last long. The best way to get through this phase is to focus on attacking while simultaneously dodging his attacks. If you can do this successfully, you’ll be able to defeat Skarn Helliquary. Lastly, the first phase will continue until Skarn drops to 33%

Pro Tip: There are two things you need to be careful of while fighting with Skarns: The first thing is the Monks( AI-controlled immortals), which will take you even before fighting with Skarns. Secondly, The most dangerous attack you will deal with is a laser beam. Dodging is the only thing that will save you from this massive attack.

Phase #2

When Skarn’s health is reduced to 33 percent, he activates his shadow clowns, in which you must identify the genuine one within 8 seconds. To find out the real, one hit the clown with a red circle which is not a clone. Now prepare for the fight because the Skarn will start attacking you.

The key to the second phase of fighting is here Single target abilities and dodge the attacks because time is running out.

Pro Tip: While fighting Skarn’s, your level should be 60.

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