Shiver is the boss that you’ll encounter on Splatoon 3’s site 4/6. The Shiver is similar to the Frye, which was the site 2 boss. For one thing, he appears at the 4th site; you don’t have to take him lightly, so expect big action.


Shiver is a grumpy and angry boss; it has blue hair and covers half its face with a shaggy mop. Most distinguishingly, it wears a shark mask over its head. During The Pursuit of the Precious mission, you must take down Shiver and claim victory. Remember, this three-phase fight can be tough, but here’s how you can beat Shiver:

Phase One: The shark mask is worn by the Shiver for a reason: it represents that she owns a shark and helps her get around. Because she travels on a shark, you can’t take any chances since her counter would be extremely dangerous. As a result, you will be dead even in the early phase of combat.

Shiver’s first phase is much easier than her second phase since you can anticipate her next move and dodge it. When she sees you dodging her attack, she will immediately release the ink surrounding you, leaving you stuck. On the other hand, the ink will also harm her; she must swim with her shark.

You’ll just have to wait for the shark to emerge from the water before you can actually strike her. In response to your attack, she will retaliate. If you see the shark’s head emerge from the water for a second, be aware that he is about to assault, and don’t stop keep shooting him.

Phase Two: Shiver will become more powerful and resilient in phase two. The shark, this time, will produce ink streams and tornadoes. To defend against shark assaults, you must ensure that the entire arena is covered with your own, which can help you dodge sharks. Again, maintaining a safe distance from the shark while hitting him is preferable; otherwise, he will eat you.

Phase Three: Shiver will become more aggressive in phase three, so be ready. The shark will become stronger, but you can still win by using your signature move and filling the arena with ink. Use your ink wisely and follow the same strategy from phase two to strike the shark until he’s down.

That’s everything you need to know about beating this boss fight. For more on Splatoon 3, check out How to Play Single-Player, and How to Unlock Salmon Run.