The Shaman Warlord in Outriders is a boss character and has the ability to devastate a whole squad of you and your allies in an instant. The Shaman Warlord is a frustrating and annoying boss in Outriders to run into if you are not prepared. He will spam lightning attacks, which will damage you and your allies caught in their vicinity greatly. We have got a few tricks up our sleeves for you to beat Shaman Warlord with ease in Outriders.


How to Beat Shaman Warlord in Outriders

The Shaman Warlord is a fast and frustrating boss to play against, as he will attack you with all his power, which means your shields won’t work much longer against him. He will spam lightning attacks. To dodge incoming normal attacks, just evade/strafe sideways and stop shooting until the attack is finished.

There is no possible way to evade the Chain Lightning, but you can interrupt the Shaman Warlord and stop him from unleashing the Chain Lightning attack or all of your squad will be wiped. You can interrupt him by shooting at him for a certain time so the Chain Lightning attack doesn’t go off.

You will have to play defensively rather than aggressively against Shaman Warlord. You will have the opportunities to attack and damage him between his attacks while he recharges or gains strength for his next attack. The main problem with Shaman Warlord is his health, which is quantitatively large when compared to other elites’ health points.

You should focus on your resistance in defenses. If the Shaman Warlord is destroying you in the fight, you don’t have good resistance. You cannot tell if your armor is durable and strong enough to counter a spellcaster, as there aren’t many spellcasters in the game. You should focus on health regen in the fight against Shaman Warlord, as it will give you more chances to plan your attacks freely, as your health is regenerated.

This was everything we got on how you can beat Shaman Warlord in Outriders.