How to Beat Saito Yoshitatsu in Nioh 2

How to Beat Saito Yoshitatsu in Nioh 2

Saito Yoshitatsu is a Human boss in Nioh and in our guide today we will explain how to beat this boss fight. Saito Yoshitatsu, while human, can transform into all 3 types of Guardian Spirits including Brute, Feral, and Phantom.

How to Beat Saito Yoshitatsu

When Saito Yoshitatsu is in his human form use High-Stance Spear followed by Spear Flourish Skill. Repeat these two moves to deplete its health and Ki. You can easily stagger him and push the boss into a corner. When you see him trying to cast a white fog use dodge and then repeat the Strike+Spear move. As I mentioned above, Saito Yoshitatsu can transform into all three types of Guardian Spirits.

The boss will turn into a random Guardian Spirit. If you see an electric one you can still stagger it and use the same attack moves. If it uses Fire-type you can simply for the combo to miss and then land a couple of hits. If Saito Yoshitatsu uses the purple ranged type simply run away from it until the phase ends. Once Saito Yoshitatsu is back in its Human form use the attacks we mentioned above, stagger it, and keep repeating. Saito Yoshitatsu is one of the easiest boss fights in Nioh 2 so you don’t need much information to beat it. Although make sure to study its attacks, a practice run would be perfect before the boss fight.

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