We have already covered details about Wolcen’s Edric, Sirkis, and Yudai boss fights. Another major encounter in the first chapter is with Sabok The Untamed Boss. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem boss guide will explain how to beat Sabok The Untamed with tips, tricks, and what are the best builds to beat Sabok in Wolcen.


How to Beat Sabok The Untamed

As I mentioned above, Wolcen Sabok’s boss fight takes place in the first act of the Lords of Mayhem. This fight is one of the first ones you will come across in Lords of Mayhem during the Bane of the Storm mission. Sabok’s main attack is a charge attack which is also used to move around the map quickly. When it charges don’t get in the line of its movement or else you’ll lose health points. The best way to deal with additional damage to this Wolcen boss is to target the exploding barrels in the battlefield. When charging, Sabok will often end up near these exploding barrels, as soon as it’s near the barrels target them to cause damage to Sabok. Use the exploding barrels to weaken Sabok and beat it eventually.

Sabok The Untamed has a special attack in Wolcen that allows it to breathe fire. The special attack has a long-range but you can easily avoid with a simple dodge roll. Sabok the Untamed also comes with quick swings with its paws. These attacks can cause a lot of damage so stay out of dodge. We suggest you attack Sabok from its sides as each of its attacks only affect what’s front of it.

Recommended Builds for Wolcen Sabok Boss Fight

There is plenty of flexibility when it comes to creating a build in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. But certain builds can help you against various bosses. By using the tips above you can beat Sabok in Wolcen. However, if you are using the following builds beating The Untamed would become easier.

  • Plague Magic Build – Plague Magic Build is magic-based where you can summon a cloud of toxic gas and enemies inside the gas would receive additional damage from your attacks.
  • Stasis Knight Melee Build – This is a powerful melee build for players who prefer an area of effect spell attacks with their melee skills.
  • Gun Mage BuildThe main focus of this build is mages with guns. You can target enemies from a distance and cast spells. You can stack damage spells, crit damage, transfer time reduction.