In V Rising, you’ll face off against Rufus the Foreman as you attempt to take back the city from the V’s. Rufus is a tough boss, but you can defeat him and move on to the next stage of the game with the right strategy. Here’s what you need to know about defeating Rufus the Foreman.

Where To Find Beat Rufus the Foreman in V Rising

Rufus the Foreman is a level 20 boss found in the Bandit Logging Camp in the Farbane Woods. Rufus is the third V Blood carrier that you need to hunt with the help of the Blood Altar and defeat. Like so many other human bosses in the game, Rufus will drop valuable loot when defeated, so make sure to take him down! Logging Camp in the Farbane Woods.

How to Beat Rufus the Foreman

Rufus is a powerful opponent, but he can be defeated if you approach him with care. His primary weapon is his crossbow, which he uses to deal stagger damage. If you get caught in his net, you will lose your mobility. You can free yourself by using any ability or breaking the stagger status by attacking Rufus. He also has several minions who will aggro if you charge recklessly. Therefore, it’s crucial to isolate Rufus from his troops so you can focus on taking him down. Once you’ve taken care of Rufus, mopping up his minions will be much easier.

As any wise warrior knows, it is essential to study one’s opponent before engaging in battle. This is undoubtedly true when faced with the daunting task of defeating Rufus, the fearsome leader of the Bloodstained Legion. Although he may appear to be a simple man, Rufus is a skilled fighter who should not be underestimated.

Fortunately, there are ways to gain the upper hand against Rufus. For example, his penchant for throwing nets can be used against him by quickly moving out of the way with the Veil of Blood ability. Additionally, his basic attacks can be dodged in the same manner. However, it is also essential to bear in mind that Rufus has a Blood Rage effect that increases the damage dealt by him and his troops. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid attracting the attention of his troops during the battle.

To fight Rufus alone, the best strategy is to approach him from the bridge or the backside of the arena. Then, move straight for Rufus without attacking or alerting his troops. In my opinion, The bridge is generally the better option because, if executed correctly, his troops will ignore you. But, of course, it is essential to keep Rufus in your sights so that you can react quickly to his attacks.

From this position, you can use long-range weapons or abilities to damage Rufus while he is distracted by his troops safely. If you have the Bloodsucker ability, use it to heal yourself as needed. Once Rufus’ health is depleted, he will be defeated, and you can claim your rewards.


  • Blood Rage (Powers)
  • Woodworking Bench (Structures)
  • Hunter’s Crossbow (Recipes)
  • Fishing Pole (Recipes)
  • Sculptured Wood (Recipes)
  • Painting Frame (Recipes)

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