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Elden Ring’s Royal Knight Loretta is a powerful opponent that players will need to defeat to progress in the game. The Royal Knight Loretta Boss strategy provided below will give players the information they need to trounce this boss. This includes weak points, how to avoid damage, and what skills are needed to win. With this Elden Ring Boss strategy, players will have no trouble defeating Royal Knight Loretta and moving on to the next challenge.

Where To Find Royal Knight Loretta

Loretta is a powerful and feared knight who resides in Caria Manor. This manor is located north of Liurnia of the Lakes and is heavily protected with spells and traps. The only way to safely access this manor is by using Spirit Horse Torrent. This horse will help you avoid all the s, place up barriers, and traps by the inhabitants of this manor.

Below is the list of all moves Royal Knight Loretta:

#1 Move

Royal Knight Loretta is one of the fiercest opponents you will face in the arena. Her signature move is the Power Sweep, a massive charging attack that can easily take you down if you’re not careful.

Tip: Simply Roll-out in the opposing direction of the swing.

#2 Move

The Royal Knight Loretta is known for her polearm attack called the Glintstone Pebble. This attack can be easily countered if you are far from her.

Tip: You can counter this attack by dodging and rolling sideways.

#3 Move

The overhead slash is a dangerous attack that can easily take down an opponent if they’re not careful. Royal Knight Loretta often follows up with a second, more devastating slash.

Tip: The best way to counter this attack is to be precise with your sidestep dodges

#4 Move

Royal Knight Loretta’s Polearm Slash is a powerful attack that can be combined with other moves.

Tip: You can avoid this attack by Dodging under the polearm’s starting position.

#5 Move

Loretta is a mighty Royal Knight who wields a deadly polearm. Her Glintstone Stars attack can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared for it. The attack consists of Loretta shooting four magic bolts at you with good tracking.

Tip: You can counter this attack by dodging diagonally while decreasing the distance between you and Loretta. This will cause the bolts to miss you and allow you to strike back.

#6 Move

Loretta is a mighty Royal Knight who fights with a deadly polearm. One of her most destructive attacks is the Glintstone Phalanx. She swings her weapon around and summons several flint blades when she performs this attack.

Tip: To avoid this attack, move away from her and dodge sideways as the projectiles approach you.

#7 Move

In Royal Knight Loretta’s Polearm Stab move, She bends her right knee and cuts diagonally in the front direction following a quick thrust.

Tip: If you watch her bring her polearm back, dodging sideways is an excellent strategy to avoid this strike.

#8 Move

Royal Knight Loretta charges up an arrow for a few seconds before releasing the Great bow, and on hit, the arrow bursts and deals massive damage.

Tip: To counter this attack, you have to be quick on your feet and dodge sideways when the arrow is released. However, if she’s in the air and shoots an arrow at you, you can counter this by rolling or running toward her.

How to Beat Royal Knight Loretta

Loretta can be a demanding boss to take down, but once you understand her patterns, she’s not so tough. Keep your distance, as her assaults are easily avoided when you’re not nearby.

Royal Knight Loretta is a powerful opponent in the Elden Ring, and she primarily uses the Glintblade Phalanx spell. This spell summons five magic blades, which can quickly overwhelm an unprepared player.

In phase two of the fight, Loretta will summon eight of these blades, making it even more important to be careful and take advantage of her long animation. The biggest key to success against Loretta is to focus on evading her attacks and retaliating when she is vulnerable. Players can use this opportunity to land a few hits.

Alternatively, if she’s using a Greatbow, you need to be extra careful with your dodges. One wrong move, and you’ll take a lot of damage. But if you can avoid her shots, you’ll be in a prime position to deliver a devastating counter-attack.

No matter which strategy you choose, the important thing is to be patient and fight smart. With a bit of planning and execution, you’ll be able to take down Royal Knight Loretta in no time.

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