As soon as Aloy starts her journey in Horizon Forbidden West, she meets the mighty warrior Regalla. You first see her during your introduction to these western people, and then later on, when you get deeper into this world in chapter 16, that final fight will occur with an unforgettable opponent!

Regalla will try and close in on Aloy in the first phase of this battle with quick sweeping attacks. The best way to avoid getting hit by these moves is by dodge-ing when she starts swinging her weapon arm back after making contact; if you manage not to get touched during these passes, then there’s no risk of injury! Once players have cut down a tiny bit more HP from our brave berserker, expect things to get tough – but don’t worry because we’ve got plenty more where that came from thanksgiving dinner recipe style (we think). The second phase of this fight begins once players have taken out a small percentage of Regalla’s HP.

Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Boss Fight

By following the below guide, you can easily beat Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West:

Find Regalla

You’ll have to duel Regalla one-on-one as soon as you arrive at The Embassy. She’s a hunched over woman with long brown hair that constantly shakes from side effects like machine-gun fire, arrow attacks, and bomb explosions – she won’t give up easily!

Battle Begins

The battle for survival has just begun, and you’re in it. After Aloy saves Memorial Grove from destruction with her newfound power to stop giant machines by using their momentum against them – this marks your first encounter with Regalla one-on-one!

Stages of Fighting Regalla

There are three phases of fighting Regalla, and each one is harder than the last.

Phase #1

The fight with Regalla is tough, but it’s not impossible. You have three parts to this battle that cutscenes can separate, and depending on how you want to approach the situation will determine what tactic works best for your play style! The first part of fighting her from afar seems like an easy enough task – until she starts dashing around trying to dodge attacks, so try staying back here because if Fortune hits then, there isn’t much chance of getting hit anyway; however close combat may prove tougher since these creatures don’t seem interested only hitting hard and fast-moving targets make them difficult to land meaningful blows on.

Phase #2

The fight is not over yet, because Regalla will start using her ranged weapons – bow and explosive javelins. To make matters worse for you, she can be boosted by frost, which means that the damage output from these attacks will increase significantly! There’s cover here but remember they’ll only last so long before it crumbles under pressure or gets destroyed, meaning quick changes between positions and dodge skills are needed if we want our flesh-and-blood intact after this battle royale ends.

Phase #3

This last, more difficult part of the fight takes place in an even larger arena. Regalla will try to hide from time to time by blending into its dust, so you’ll need to search for her with focus if she’s not right out there where it counts! You can also mark your target before engaging, though; this makes fighting easier since all their movements become painted on canvas awaiting attention. Finally, when Regalla’s head is exposed, hit her with everything you’ve got. You should be able to defeat her very quickly once this begins happening.

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