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Regal Ancestor Spirit is one of the bosses available in Elden Ring. The boss is accessible after touching the Ancestral Remain in Hallowhorn Grounds, Northside. Light 6 Towers in the area to get access to the boss. This guide will discuss everything you need to know on how to beat Regal Ancestor Spirit.

How to Beat Regal Ancestor Spirit

This guide will be divided into two types of strategies, Ranged and Melee.

Ranged Build Tips

WeaponLoretta’s Greatbow
SpellComet Azure

Regal Ancestor Spirit is vulnerable to charged heavy damage spells. You can use Comet Azure and Loretta’s Greatbow to counter Regal Ancestor Spirit’s teleportation and prolonged melee animations.

The moment you see Regal Ancestor Spirit start to heal, start attacking it immediately. Spam as many spells as you can to counter its healing effect. Night Maiden’s Mist is an excellent spell during the healing period.

Melee Build Tips

Keep yourself positioned under Regal Ancestor Spirit’s hind legs if you are using a melee build. Spam attacks while keeping an eye on your stamina to end the fight as soon as possible to minimize the number of times it heals itself.

Attack Patterns

Air Stomp: The boss will leap up and jump twice while in the air before stomping down on you. Please wait for a fraction of a second after its second jump before rolling to the side.

Uppercut: The boss will bow its head and starts to flow before trying an uppercut. Simply running away from it is enough to avoid damage.

Front Sweep: The boss sweeps its Antlers three times, side to side. Roll backward twice to avoid this one.

Ground Stomp: The boss lifts its front legs and stomps down. Jump away when you see it lift its front legs.

Flame: The boss starts flying, and flame rains down on you. The flame has a limited range, so it’s easy to avoid it.

Glowing Rush: The boss will start to glow and rushes toward you. Roll into the Regal Ancestor Spirit when it gets closer to dodge this attack. All you need to know is avoid its Antlers.

That’s everything you need to know to beat Regal Ancestor Spirit. Need more help? See Great Runes Locations, Royal Knight Loretta Boss Fight.

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