In the Elden Ring, Recusant Henricus is a powerful and feared boss. He’s existence is a threat to the balance of the world. Players must battle him to restore order to the Elden Ring. Although he is a formidable opponent, players can defeat him using their strategies and abilities. Players can find a way to victory by understanding their powers and weaknesses.

If you find yourself northeast of Colosseum Road in Limgrave, keep an eye out for an NPC Invader named Recusant Henricus. He can be found on the left side of the broken bridge in the area. Recusant Henricus is a powerful warrior who wields a greatsword with deadly precision.

He is a difficult opponent, but defeating him will net you some valuable loot, including a rare greatsword. So if you’re feeling brave, seek out Recusant Henricus and see if you can best him in combat.

How to Beat Recusant Henricus

As mentioned above, Recusant Henricus is a difficult opponent. He is fast and powerful, and his greatsword can deal massive damage. However, there are ways to defeat him. Here are some tips on how to beat Recusant Henricus in Elden Ring:

Hammer Combos

The Henricus Hammer does the same thing as its name implies: it hammers the target with a hammering combo attack in which he strikes it up to 4x hit.

Pro Tip: Hammer attacks are quite slow, making them easy to avoid.

Flaming Smash and Explosion

An impact smash uses a hammer with slightly less weight, allowing

Henricus to generate more force. The target zone will erupt with force after Henricus smashes his lightened hammer into the ground, damaging anybody in its radius.

Pro Tip: You must avoid this assault by moving out of the path of the smash’s crash point.

Jumping Smash

At the end of his leap, Henriricus in the Jumping Smash will spring into the air and smash his hammer down.

Pro Tip: Rolling is the key to avoiding jumping smash.

Recusant Henricus has a lengthy recovery time from assaults. Therefore you can take advantage of the situation to pounce. To make your defensive skills more effective, combine the usage of the shield with evasion. Moreover, You can use Slash, Fire, and lightning attacks as they are his weaknesses.

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