In V rising at the early stages, there are 37 bosses. These bosses are present all around Vardoran. The player’s objective is to further advance into the game to defeat various bosses. Raziel, the Shepherd, is one of them. To your advantage when you face Raziel the Shepherd, this guide will explain his location, tips or tricks on beating Raziel the Shepherd, and rewards.

  • Raziel the Shepherd Location: You need access to the Blood Altar to trace him down at the Dunley Monastery west of Dunley Farms.
  • Recommended Tools and skills to beat Raziel, The Shepherd: Potion of Holy resistance and Iron armor

How To Beat Raziel The Shepherd In V Rising

Boss Fight with Raziel The Shepherd is a bit lengthy because his health bar is not so short. Before facing him, you will come across plenty of encounters. Like other boss fights, you can again choose to play solo or in a clan. Joining a clan can help you distract him easily. But if you play solo, still, he is not very hard to beat.

Raziel The Shepherd primarily casts spells on you that cause a lot of damage if he is successful in his attacks. The damage cost of his spell is high. His weakness is that his spell casting time is slow, so you have the advantage over him when he tries to cast a spell at you. To deal with his spells, you need to have a potion of Holy Restsitance because some of his spells can track you, and you can’t even dodge them.

Secondly, plenty of bystanders are present in the arena to distract you. Try to eliminate them because they block your movement when the player tries to dodge the attacks.

Thirdly the area where you face him is guarded by Holy Wards. The Holy wards will damage you directly. This is where the Holy Resistance potion comes in handy to heal you from these damages.

Tips To Beat Raziel The Shepherd If Playing Solo

If you are playing alone, you need to kill all the small enemies that directly or indirectly cause damage. BY doing so, while you fight with him, you don’t have to care about those small enemies. Another tip is that find the best cover for you while playing solo.


  • Structure – Athenaeum
  • Recipe – Silver Resistance Potion
  • Vampire Power – Crimson Beam
  • Recipe – Corrupted Artefact

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