One of the best things about Elden Ring is its vast open world full of challenging and rewarding optional encounters. One of these optional encounters is the Dragonkin Soldier, a large and imposing dragon-like humanoid. While this boss can be tough to beat, it’s worth taking on if you’re looking for a challenge. Here’s exactly where to find the Dragonkin Soldier in Elden Ring and some tips on how to trounce it.

Where Can You Find Ragonkin Soldier

As an experienced dungeon delver knows, the Dragonkin Soldier is a fearsome boss, guarding the treasure within the Lake of Rot. Reaching the boss requires crossing the lake, a dangerous task in itself. However, by activating the platforms, adventurers can safely make their way to the other side and face the Dragonkin Soldier head-on. The Dragonkin Soldier is a formidable opponent with powerful attacks and armor-piercing breath. But with strategy and perseverance, adventurers can defeat this fearsome foe and claim the treasure as their own. So don’t delay – face your fears and take on the Dragonkin Soldier!

How to Beat Ragonkin Soldier

The Dragonking Soldier is a fearsome opponent and one that should not be taken lightly. If you’re planning on taking it on, bring plenty of healing items and potions, as its slam attacks can deal a significant amount of damage. It’s also a good idea to fight it on horseback, giving you some much-needed mobility. Finally, keep in mind that the Dragonking Soldier is adept at seeking out its prey. So be sure to stay out of its line of sight if you want to avoid being caught on its radar.

When fighting Ragonkin, it is beneficial to have spirit ashes on hand. These ashes can be used to create a distraction, making it much easier to take down the powerful soldier.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to take down a Dragonkin Soldier, you’ll want to use either the Rock Sling or Loretta’s Great bow. The two spells are pretty powerful, and if everything goes as planned, the fight with the Ragonkin will be just a piece of cake.

Pro Tip: The Icewind Hatchet ( Nerfed in patch 1.03) is an excellent choice for melee-focused characters in Elden Ring.

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