In V Rising, getting new gears and recipes is essential to advance in the game. Beating bosses of different levels aid you achieve this goal in V Rising. Quincey, The Bandit King, is one such boss you will face in V Rising. This guide will discuss his location, recommended gear, recommended level, and details about his attacks and how you can handle those attacks to defeat him.

  • Quincey The Bandit King Location: He is in his Bandit Stronghold, located north of Forbane woods.
  • Recommended Gear: Merciless Copper weapons, Merciless Nightstalker, and ample Blood Rose Brew for healing.

How to Enter the Bandit Stronghold

Before even starting to fight with him, it’s essential to know how to enter his stronghold. Because his stronghold gate cannot be taken down using normal abilities. You can take down the gate in two ways:

  1. Accessing bear Form: This power is unlocked for the player by killing a feral bear. The bear is on the west side of Forbane woods inside a Bear Cave.
  2. Using Explosives: ALternative method to gain access to that Bandit King is by using explosives. The recipe for the explosive lies where the Boss Clive the Firestarter is defeated. This Boss, Clive the Firestarter, is on the east side of Forbane Woods in Bandit Sulphur Quarry.

Once You know how to take down the gates, you will face Quincey, The Bandit King.

How to Beat Quincey The Bandit King

Quincey, The Bandit King, is a level 37 boss and is not very easy to beat. But if you know about the mechanics of his attacks, you stand a chance against him. Like other boss fights in V Rising, you can either face him alone or join a clan. It’s better to consider the latter option; to join a clan. Facing him along with the clan is better because Quincey, The Bandit King, is not alone. Two puppets accompany him. First, take them down, so you are not distracted during the fight with him.

There is a list of attacks he launches toward the player and some tips on avoiding them.

Shield Attack: He creates a shield before him and strikes the ground. When attacked, the targeted area will appear red, and the bad news is that even after you are hit, you will still lose health. He uses this shield to protect himself too.

How to Handle shield Attack: Time your movement and don’t stay close to him. Use ranged attacks on him.

Enrage Attack: When he loosed most of his health, he becomes enraged. In this phase, he starts an attack that starts with his roar, and after that, he strikes consecutive thrice.

How to handle Enrage Attack: After he has launched these three consecutive attacks, he will be stunned for a while. This is your chance to either hit him or heal yourself. Please don’t come in the vicinity of his attacks when he is enraged because he can drain the life quickly.


  • Smithy Structure
  • Tailoring bench Structure
  • Iron Ingot Recipe
  • Chaos Barrier Ability
  • Merciless Charge Ability
  • Iron Weapons Recipe
  • Hollowfang Battlegear Recipe

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