The Putrid Tree Spirit is an optional boss encountered in Elden Ring. This fearsome creature is immune to sleep and madness and resistant to holy, bleed scarlet rot and poison damage. However, it is weak to fire and can be affected by scarlet rot, poison, bleeding, and frost damage. If defeated, the spirit will drop spirit ashes, which can create powerful potions.

After you’ve claimed victory over Radahn, backtrack to his boss arena and take the path south until you reach the Northern coast. You should see the entrance to the War-Dead Catacombs on a cliff face near the beach. Once you go inside, prepare for a battle as you make your way through the complex labyrinth. Follow the clues and be wary of traps, dead ends, and false walls as you travel deeper into the depths of this tomb. Be on constant alert for any sign of undead activity, as this will likely be where you find your final opponent, Putrid Tree Spirit. You’ll be rewarded with long-awaited treasure and closure when you’ve finally navigated your way through to the end.

How to Beat Putrid Tree Spirit

One of the most dangerous attacks in Elden Ring is the Grab Attack of the Putrid Tree Spirit. This attack can deal massive damage, and if you’re not prepared for it, it can one-shot you. The best way to counter this attack is to learn to read the boss’ movements and predict when to roll. This takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to avoid the attack and keep yourself safe.

The Putrid Tree Spirit is a fearsome opponent. Not only can it deal devastating physical damage, but it can also inflict the debilitating Scarlet Rot status ailment. Scarlet Rot dramatically reduces your health regeneration rate, making it difficult to recover from any damage you take. You’ll need to have Flame, Cleanse Me, or a sufficient supply of Preserving Boluses handy to counteract this effect. The flame will instantly remove the Scarlet Rot debuff, while Cleanse Me gradually reduces its intensity. Preserving Boluses will also help offset the health reduction caused by Scarlet Rot, giving you a better chance of surviving an encounter with the Putrid Tree Spirit.

Pro Tip: Armor is not only beneficial for its physical defense but also its resistance to different elements. Poison and scarlet rot are incredibly debilitating and can quickly drain your health. By wearing armor that offers high resistance to these elements, you can avoid taking unnecessary damage.

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