In the V Rising, you’ll encounter one of the most formidable V Blood bosses: the Putrid Rat. While these bosses may be intimidating, remember that greater rewards await upon defeating them. The key to success against this boss lies in properly strengthening up and having a sound strategy to go along with it. This guide will provide details on how to handle the V Rising Putrid Rat boss fight, where it’s situated, and what rewards await upon its defeat in V Rising.

Where To Find Putrid Rat (Location)

As I previously mentioned, The Putrid Rat is unique in comparison to the other bosses; you need to craft it before being able to fight it. It cannot be found anywhere–you must create one on your castle using the Vermin Nest as its foundation. If you have not yet built the Vermin Nest, here are a few items that you will require:

  • 360x Stone
  • 120x Bone

After you have constructed the Nest, it is now time to fashion your Putrid Rat – an endeavor that requires the following components:

  • 6x Grave Dust
  • 3x Fish Bone
  • 1x Twilight Snapper

If you want to get your hands on Grave Dust, use a Grinder and grind some Bone. Fish Bone is rarely found as a drop, but the Devourer structure allows for salvaging fish which can yield it. Lastly, build a Fishing Pole on the Woodworking Bench and use it to catch Twilight Snapper Fish.

Building Woodworking Bench

If you successfully overcome Rufus the Foreman, a Level 20 V Blood Boss, you will be rewarded with a Woodworking Bench and Fishing Pole recipe. To build your own Woodworking Bench, these items are necessary:

  • 12x Plank
  • 60x Animal Hide

After you have built the Woodworking Bench, you can easily craft a Fishing Pole.

Crafting Fishing Pole

To craft the Fishing Pole, you need the following things:

  • 6x Plank
  • 3x Copper Ingots
  • 3x Coarse Threads

Now that you have your Fishing Pole all set up and ready to go, it’s time to explore lakes and find the perfect spot for a catch. Look out for ripples in the water that indicate white spots – this is where fish usually gather. Next, cast your line with a simple left click of your mouse, but make sure to stop once you’ve caught yourself a Twilight Snapper Fish! These rare finds are worth waiting for, so keep going.

How To Beat Putrid Rat in V Rising

After you’ve acquired the necessary items, head back to the castle and carefully place them in the Vermin Nest. Within 30 seconds, your Putrid Rat will be crafted! Since it’s a level 30 boss, this fight will prove relatively easy, given all of the effort taken for its crafting.

Putrid Rat is notorious for their close-range melee attacks that lack substantial strength. But even when they disappear into thin air, these rats never forget to bring along backup: Giant Rat minions. To rid yourself of those pesky vermin and send them packing, the most efficient way is by utilizing AoE abilities that will take care of them in a jiffy.

To ensure you are well-protected when taking on Putrid Rat, don the Merciless Nightstalker Armour and wield a powerful Merciless Copper weapon. Regarding spells, Aftershock and Corpse Explosion have proven reliable time and again in eliminating this boss.

Upon defeating the Putrid Rat, you get the following things:

  • V-Blood for the Putrid Rat
  • Putrid Rat form

That’s all you need to know about the V Rising Putrid Rat Boss Fight. After defeating it, you will be rewarded with some valuable rewards! So don’t hesitate to take on this challenge and reap your rewards. If you want to read more about other aspects of V Rising, here are some guides you may like:

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