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How to Beat Procella Sylph in Tales of Arise: Boss Fight Guide


One of the main bosses you face in Tales of Arise in Procella Sylph. It is part of a side quest called Farewell, Mage. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to beat Procella Sylph in Tales of Arise.

First, you need to get the quest from the Old Man in Mahag Saar, Niez. You will have to complete multiple quests in this area and for the Old Man to make this quest available.

Tales of Arise Procella Sylph Boss Fight

The boss comes with 4 Sylph Feather minions and the boss itself is level 70 so prepare for a serious fight. The best way to beat Procella Sylph is to focus on the minions first. Take them out first so you can fully focus on the boss itself.

Team combos work the best when dealing with minions. Since there are 4 of them, focus on 1 at a time to make things easier. The minion problem doesn’t end with the 4 Sylphs.

The boss uses a beam attack to spawn minions and when this happens, take care of them first. The boss uses an attack called Meteor Storm to summon fire rocks from above.

The boss is weak to Earth and you can see a weak spot on its chest. You can try to attack the weak spot but early on it’s not a good idea. Attack the boss from behind and only attack the weak spot when the boss is knocked down.

To knock down the boss wait for it to fly and expose the belly before using Rinwell’s boost attack when it’s casting artes.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to beat Procella Sylph in Tales of Arise. Need more help? See How to Beat Edna, How to Beat Eizen, How to Get Bone Fragment.

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