As you enter the temple, you can sense the power emanating from the holy mage Padra Sakrev. His eyes flash with power as he utters a strange incantation, and suddenly a group of fearsome creatures materializes out of thin air. The battle is brutal, and despite your best efforts, you find yourself on the defensive. However, the creatures are relentless in their assault, and Padra Sakrev himself seems almost untouchable. In this guide, I’ll tell you how you can find and beat Beat Padra Sakrev.

When you’re ready to take on the challenge of the Bol Gerahn Temple, you’ll need to head to the upper levels. There, you’ll find a boxed skull that will start the hunt. You’ll need to have already defeated all the other mages in the temple, including the Necromancer, Nix. Once you’ve done that, you can access this part of the building through a sealed door at the top of Praying Giants. Or, if you prefer, you can make your way up the temple itself. Whichever way you choose, be prepared for a tough battle. In this hunt, the stakes are high, and only the strongest will emerge victoriously.

How to Beat Padra Sakrev

To defeat Padra Sakrev, learning about his moveset and weaknesses is essential. Padra Sakrev has a variety of long-range and close-range attacks that can quickly deplete your health if you’re not careful. Below I’ve mentioned all the possible attacks that Padra Sakrev can use against you.

One of the most dangerous attacks that Padra Sakre Can use is the Pillar of Light. This attack summons an orb that emits a thin pillar of light. The pillar will move slowly around the whole area, dealing a lot of damage on contact. However, they are easy to avoid due to their slow speed. If you see Padra Sakre raise his hand in the air, be prepared to dodge out of the way to avoid taking significant damage.

In the heat of battle, Padra Sakrev will call upon the power of light to create a mace made entirely out of pure energy. He will then bring this mace onto the ground with tremendous force, creating a shockwave that can easily knock down nearby opponents. However, this attack can be easily avoided by simply rolling away from the point of impact. As long as you keep moving, you should be able to avoid taking any damage from this attack.

The Padra Sakrev is a fearsome creature that can summon a spinning light mace. The mace will attack you and then disappear after a short period. However, The first step is to watch the Padra Sakrev closely and anticipate its attack. As soon as you see its hand, begin to dodge or roll away. If you time your dodge correctly, you will be able to avoid the light mace entirely.

As you face off against Padra Sakrev, you see them summon a mace of light and slam it down on the ground. You know that you’ll be battered by the mace and likely knocked unconscious if you don’t act quickly.

Before the mage smashes at you, he summons numerous maces on your position. To avoid the assaults, keep moving.

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