Nikolas is a boss fight in the third act of Wolcen Lords of Mayhem. In our Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Nikolas boss fight guide we’ll discuss how to beat this giant freak of digital nature. We will also be sharing the best builds you can use to defeat Nikolas The Spear of Balance.

How to Beat Nikolas in Lords of Mayhem

In the third act, you will get the Gates of Fury quest and this is where you face Nikolas for the first and last time, hopefully. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Nikolas boss fight can become a bit annoying as the beast isn’t alone on the battlefield. Nikola has allies to help him face the player but the good news is that they only appear at the beginning of the battle. While you will deal with most of them at the start, Nikolas does keep summoning more allies every so often during the boss fight.

What’s interesting is that his allies are stronger than him. Some of their attacks do more damage than the boss himself. Moreover, you will also be attacked by a machine that shoots projectiles. To beat Nikolas all you need to do his take care of his allies and avoid the projectiles. The boss fight itself is relatively easy so there nothing special you need to do. While that is true, do not go in underestimating Nikolas in Lords of Mayhem. He has a slow yet powerful attack with his sword. The attack telegraphs itself so dodge and move out of the way. But the boss is quite fast and catch chase you down but he will always stop to attack you so it’s easy to move out of the way and fight back. Use the apocalyptic form to get rid of his allies on the field.

Recommended Builds for Nikolas Boss Fight

Like I mentioned above Wolcen’s Nikolas boss fight isn’t too complicated. Your current build, if it does a decent amount of damage, would just fine. However, if you want suggestions, here are two builds that will dominate this fight.

  • Ranged Bow DPS – The ranged bow build focus on crit damage and projectile damage. It will help deal with Nikolas’ allies all over the battlefield with ease.
  • Bleeding Edge Melee – Bleeding edge melee build is a strong melee build that has significant-close range damage.

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