The Allmother battle is the very last battle in the Monster Hunter Rise, as you take on two eldest and legendary dragons, who are behind all the Rampage. This guide will help you know how you can beat Narwa the Allmother.

Beat the Allmother in Monster Hunter Rise

Completing and confronting the legendary dragons require you to beat the serpent Ibushi. Serpent Ibushi is the first serpent to appear after the quest is activated, and you will have to beat it just enough to trigger a cutscene in which you and the serpent Ibushi will be dropped from the cavern and underneath.

Serpent Ibushi will be flying all around the battlefield and you will have to strafe left or right to dodge its attacks or jump into the air. You can damage her with melee weapons when close to her, and she will crash onto the ground then you can mount it and reach the stones around her stomach to damage her insides, causing a great deal of damage.

There will be some glowing parts on its body, these are the weak points, and hitting here will inflict maximum damage to the Ibushi.

After you have damaged Ibushi enough and are dropped through the cavern, you will find Narwa there. Now, you will have to fight both dragons here, but you should keep the focus on Narwa here, and try to use the machine guns on the rocks above to deal a good amount of damage. Narwa is a thunder-based dragon and will have a variety of different moves.

In the first part of this duel, Narwa will devour Ibushi, absorbing all its power to become Allmother, and will confront you in its dominating form. You will need to watch your health bar all along with the fight as some of the attacks delivered by Narwa are powerful and might take half of your health at once. You will have to remove the nulberry at Narwa’s stomach to disable her thunder abilities, or you are going to have a lot of trouble fighting her.

She will dig her horns in the ground, this is when you will know that she is going to do a thunder lightning attack, and you must try to dodge this attack or you are going to lose a chunk of health to this attack. After doing this attack, she normally does tail swipe, and the electric rings, which are much more dangerous this time as they rotate when they are closing in on your character.

You will notice machine guns on floating rocks, which will be summoned a few times while the fight goes on and you can use these machine guns to damage Narwa greatly. Narwa has two ultimate attacks, one is when she flies to the top of the cavern and drops a purple bomb in the center of the arena, but you can dodge this easily by jumping on floating rocks.

The second ultimate has her summoning a tornado, which fires out lightning strikes, you will need to run up against the wall to dodge this attack. It will have spears running around in the arena, which deal a great amount of damage, so you will need to dodge these spears.

Halfway through the fight, you will see Magnamalo make an entry and he will fight with Narwa for a while, Narwa knocks him down by stunning him and you can ride him, use his power and inflict maximum damage to Narwa. Slaying Narwa as a result.

You can then return to the village and become the Champion of Kamura village.

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