Naomi Randall is one of the bosses you will come across in Scarlet Nexus. She is a humanoid creature with two heads and four legs. She uses multiple AoE attacks to keep the player on its toes. In this guide, we will discuss all the tips you need to beat Naomi Randall in Scarlet Nexus.

Scarlet Nexus: How to Beat Naomi Randall

Naomi Randall’s boss fight has two phases. The first phase is pretty easy to complete, it is the second phase that you need to worry about. During the first phase, Naomi Randall creates an AoE of a deep bellow. You can easily dodge this and then use a melee attack to deal as much damage as possible. Rinse and repeat the process until the second phase kicks off.

During the second phase, Naomi Randall turns 180 degrees and extends one arm to damage and knockback enemies. Focus on attacking the legs and keep an eye on her when she lifts one arm before performing this move. Move your character to the side, opposite of the arm she lifts.

Naomi Randall shoots ribbons from her back into the ground and chases your character. While the ribbons chase you, Naomi is rooted to the ground and won’t move. You can use psychokinesis or melee attacks on her while avoiding the ribbons.

Naomi lungs forward from time to time which is avoidable with a simple sideways dodge. Counterattack when she lands on the ground.

Naomi will smash the ground with one arm to do damage within a radius; a sideways dodge avoids this move.

And last but not least, Naomi releases a loud cry to create sonic sound ways. The best way to deal with this move is to run away from the sound wave and use psychokinesis attacks.

That’s everything you need to know on how to beat Naomi Randall. Need more help? See Gunkin Perry boss fight, Gunkin Fisher boss fight, Dispen Perry boss fight.

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