How to Beat Morrigan in Gods Will Fall

How to beat morrigan in Gods Will Fall

You will face multiple bosses in Gods Will Fall and some of are pretty annoying to beat. For example, there is a giant crow-like creature named Morrigan that causes quite a lot of trouble in Gods Will Fall. Don’t worry, there is a way to take him down. In this boss fight guide, I will give you all the tips on how to beat Morrigan in Gods Will Fall.

Gods Will Fall: How to Beat Morrigan

As is the case with other gods in the game, Morrigan’s domain must be cleared before you are able to face it. You first need to find his domain which is the easy part. Look at the top left of the map, locate the bird symbol. Go to the symbol and pick the warrior you want to take inside. It is best to choose a character that is fast-moving so you are can easily dodge its attacks.

To beat Morrigan you need to wait for it to attack you. If you rush your attacks it would be a waste of energy and vigor. Morrigan can block your attacks with its wings so wait. Its wings are really dangerous so avoid them at all costs.

In the arena, there are items you can throw at Morrigan so use them to attack the boss. Wait for Morgan to attack and throw the objects at it. If you successfully land a hit, Morrigan will be stunned which gives you an opportunity to attack. Repeatedly throw items to stun it and land your hits.

At one point the bird will fly off and come back in a bit with an unblockable attack. Dodge out of the way when it comes down. The attack is telegraphed with a shadow.

And that’s how you beat Morrigan in Gods Will Fall. If you need more help, check out how to save trapped warriors or visit our dedicated Gods Will Fall Wiki.

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