After its delay in December 2020, Little Nightmares 2 is here to spook your pants off. Unlike the original game, this time around you can use basic combat to beat enemies. In this quick guide, I am going to explain everything you need to know on how to beat the Mannequin Hands in Little Nightmares 2.

Little Nightmares 2: How to Beat the Mannequin Hands

While there are a bunch of tough enemies, the Mannequin Hands are among the more annoying ones in Little Nightmares 2. During the hospital level of Little Nightmares 2, you will come across the Mannequin Hands. These hands are fast and can dodge your untimed attacks.

These hands can survive multiple attacks in Little Nightmares 2. To beat the Mannequin Hands you need to learn their attack telegraph. Right before they are about to attack, the Mannequin Hands will crack the middle and index fingers. This is when you should attack the Mannequin Hands. After you attack, back away from the situation and wait for the next telegraph. Repeat this a few times and you should be able to take them down. And that’s how you beat the Mannequin Hands. If you need more help with the game check out the dedicated Little Nightmares 2 Wiki.

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