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How to Beat Magnus in Guardians of the Galaxy


Magnus in GotG is the true last boss of the game. However, battling it out with Magnus requires a few correct choices to be made. The boss fight, however, leaves a lot of be desired. In this Guardians of the Galaxy guide, we have shared some tips and tricks that will help the player easily beat Magnus.

Guardians of the Galaxy Magnus

To begin the boss encounter, select the dialogue option that reads ‘Not to Kneel’.

Once the battle begins, continue to clear enemies that appear in the area. While clearing these adds, pay close attention to the ground – try to avoid the large circles where a lot of projectiles will land. These projectiles deal a lot of damage and it is better to dodge them.

Once enough enemies have been killed, select the option that reads ‘Badger Him’ and repeat the entire sequence one more time i.e., killing enemies and avoiding projectiles. After a while, select the option ‘Confront’.

From there on out, the entire fight plays out in QTEs. The player will simply need to press the buttons as they appear on the screen and keep on doing that. Eventually, Star-Lord will get his hands on the Soul Stone and will trap Magnus using it. Once again, all of it takes place as a QTE which is a bummer but it is what it is.

Once the boss falls, the player will unlock the True Ending of the game and a trophy/achievement. Now all that remains is to grab a snack, kick back, and enjoy the lives of the Guardians following the events of the game. After the credits roll, the player can begin an NG+ or collect any missing collectibles, outfits, etc. to attain 100% completion status.

This is all we have got in how to beat Magnus in Guardians of the Galaxy. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Guardians of the Galaxy wiki page.

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