Mad Tongue Alberich is one of the toughest bosses you will face in Elden Ring. He has high health, does massive damage, and can hold the arena. In this guide, we will go over how to beat Mad Tongue Alberich.

In the heart of the retailers and nomads, aka Roundtable Hold, you can find the Mad Tongue Alberich. However, the drawback is that Roundtable Hold has no entry points. Therefore, you need to enter the location like the thief jumped in from the terrace, and you will end up exact spawn point of Mad Tongue.

The Mad Tongue Alberich’s weakness is armor level. His power of immune to the attacks is low damage. So make sure you hit him as hard as possible with spells and weapons when fighting him.

How to Beat Mad Tongue Alberich

To beat an enemy, you must first understand its batter attack pattern. Below I’ve mentioned all possible Mad Tongue Alberich attacks:

Glintstone Iceberg

In the Glintstone Iceberg attack, the Mad Tongue launches a barrage of ice shards at you.

Pro Tip: Simply dodge the attack.

Freezing Mist

Alberich will call down twin clouds that do Frost damage. Although the clouds two evaporate instantly, you still need to be careful.

Pro Tip: Hide In the safe spot for a few seconds.

Briars of Sin

While fighting the Mad Tongue, Alberich calls his thorns of rings which could be very dangerous.

Pro Tip: If you notice twice staff lifting, be ready for Briars of Sin.

Now you are familiar with Alberich’s assault pattern. Therefore, the fight would be less complex. Stay at a safe distance from Mad Tongue Alberich is the key to this boss fight. Target Mad Tongue Alberich’s shoulder for massive damage with your sword as he has a single health flask; he won’t hold so long.

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