To Unlock the Pumpkin Helmet in Elden Ring, you need to beat the Mad Pumpkin Head. After defeating this boss, you can claim your Pumpkin Helmet. This guide will tell you the best way to defeat the Mad Pumpkin Head.

Where To Find The Mad Pumpkin Head in Elden Ring?

The Dark Lord’s Pumpkin Head hides south of Limgrad, the Waypoint Ruins. On the other hand, the second Pumpkin Head Duo is the west side of Caelum Ruins. This boss might not be hard to best, but you must still be cautious.

Beating Mad Pumpkin Head in Elden Ring:

#1 Attack (Double Swing)

The Pumpkin Head is known for its unique two-swing style. This means it swings its flail twice, in the opposite deliberate manner.

#2 Attack (Overhead Smash)

After you dodge Pumpkin’s absurd swings, he will get aggressive and use Overhead Smash.

#3 Attack (Hand Strike)

Although the hand strike can eat your health bar, you can still jump and avoid it.

#4 Attack (Up Down Combo)

When you deplete the health bar of the Mad Pumpkin, he’ll come up with Overhead Smash.

#5 Attack (Head Slam)

The boss may surprise you with rapid wild strikes. Then, soon after, he’ll surprise you with head bashes.

The spirit summing Fanged Imp Ashes are to be proven your best weapon against pumpkin head. On the off chance that you do not have enough blood, your spirits can help you dissolve the boss’s health. This will not be a problem since an infinite supply of energy powers them.

It may be difficult to vanquish one Mad Pumpkin Head, but two of them at the same time might be quite hard. So take the lead and dance your way around the Duo boss, luring one of them away while you concentrate on one at a time.

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