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How to Beat Leviathan Boss in Dead Space


Dead Space Remake has been buzzing in the community since its launch. It has been a breath of fresh air in a world of lazy remasters and poor remakes. The developers have been respectful of the original game, and the little changes made in the remake do not lessen the quality in any way. In fact, they add to the horror-narrative experience that the Dead Space series is famous for. Dead Space was famous for the variety of enemies, but the few bosses fights it did have, were memorable ones. One of the more challenging boss fights that veterans of the 2008 version will remember was against Leviathan. This fight takes place over 3 different phases. Still, the objective remains the same, deal as much damage as possible whenever it opens its mouth.

While the fight can be challenging, the preparation it requires is minimal. Right before you face Leviathan (Food Storage Area), the chamber will have numerous canisters and loot-able items floating around. These will contain enough ammunition and items for the big battle. Leviathan appears at the end of chapter 6, “Environmental Hazard.”

You might need to resupply your healing items, but other than that, you should be good to go. The Contact Beam, with its limited ammo, and Flamethrower, with its secondary attack (Fire Wall), are very helpful against Leviathan. The usual guns like Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle can also be enough to take the beast down. Still, Force Gun and Ripper can be limiting with their short ranges.

Tips and Strategies

You will need to float down the tube of Food Storage. Halfway down, the lights will turn on, and you will finally face to face with the Leviathan.

Phase 1
The monster will attack you with its 3 tentacles and shoot out yellow fluid from big yellow sacs near the end of the tentacles. These attacks should be easy to dodge by strafing and constantly moving. You will need to burst the sacs containing the toxic yellow fluid, and once you do, the second phase will begin.

Phase 2
This can be easier than the first phase if you know the trick. The Leviathan will shoot poisonous blobs at you, and you will need to use Kinesis to catch them and shoot them back toward its open mouth. You can also send some explosive canisters toward the Leviathan in the same fashion. Contact Beam, and the Flamethrower can deal additional damage to the beast.

Phase 3
Things can get chaotic in this phase, and you will need to dodge multiple projectiles and attacks while dealing damage. The target area still remains the same: Leviathan’s mouth. You can also hit glowing sacs on its tentacles for quick and significant damage. You will need to be quick when targeting these sacs as they can disappear and reappear in a different area on the tentacles.

The Flamethrower’s secondary fire attack can deal immense damage when aimed at the Leviathan’s mouth, so you should use it as often as possible. This can deplete the ammo quickly, so remember to make every shot count. Once the Leviathans are dead, you can head back to the Hydroponics section, which will conclude Chapter 6.

This is everything we have got in how to beat Leviathan in Dead Space Remake. Some more guides that you might be interested in:

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