V Rising is a vampire survival game that will keep you entertained for hours. You play as a vampire who has just awoken from years of slumber in the game. To survive, you must search for blood in nearby settlements while avoiding the damaging effects of the sun. You can also renovate your castle and attract loyal servants to develop your vampire empire.

In addition, you can make online friends, resist holy armies, and wage war against other players. With so much to do, V Rising is a game that you’ll want to play again and again. I’ll tell you where to find Leandra and beat her in this guide.

Where To Find Leandra, the Shadow Priestess in V Rising

Leandra began to raise the dead, using her powerful magic to create an army of skeletal minions. She soon came to rule over the Church of the Damned, a dark and lonely place located in the Northern Farmlands of Dunley. Surrounded by her skeletal subjects, Leandra reigns supreme as the Necromancer Queen.

How to Beat Leandra, the Shadow Priestess

Leandra is a powerful opponent, but she can be defeated if you focus on her minions. Her skeletal summons is easy to target and will clear the way for you to get close to her. Just be wary of her Spectral Assassin Attack, where she sends out a ghostly projectile toward you. If you can avoid that, you should be able to take her down relatively easily. Just focus on her minions and watch out for that attack, and you should be fine.

Leandra’s main attack is the Spectral Assassin. This attack sends out a group of ghosts to try and overwhelm you. While the ghosts are opaque, your screen will turn black, making it difficult to see. However, the key to dodging this attack is to pay attention to Leandra’s movements. You can use this opportunity to get in a few hits while she’s vulnerable. Be careful, as her Spectral Assassins can still deal a fair amount of damage if they hit you.


  1. Skeleton Priest (Recipe)
  2. Scourge Pendant (Recipe)
  3. Scourgestone (Recipe)
  4. Spectral Assassin (Vampire Power)
  5. Jewelcrafting Table (Structure)

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