In Diablo Immortal, the Lassal is a powerful and feared creature that dwells in the world’s dark places. Often seen as little more than a large, misshapen monster, the Lassal is a cunning and intelligent predator that uses its size and strength to overwhelm its prey and 4 phase fight combat. In this guide, ill tell you how to Beat Lassal in Diablo Immortal.

The Lassal Raid is one of the most challenging encounters in Diablo Immortal, and it is only available to those who have reached a high Combat Rating.

  • Stage 1 = 420 Combat Rating
  • Stage 2 = 1250 Combat Rating

The Lassal Helliquary is a hidden area in Westmarch that must be unlocked by completing the Bilefen zone questline and the Helliquary tutorial. To enter Lassal’s Sanctum, go to the Einfrinn Tree in Westmarch and use the Demon Portal that leads to Lassal’s Sanctuary.

How to Beat Lassal

There are a total of four phases of Lassal in Diablo Immortal:

Phase #1

Lassal is a fearsome opponent, but you can defeat him with careful planning. The key to the first phase is saving your health and taking the maximum damage possible. Lassal has a variety of assaults accessible to him, ranging from ground smashes to cyclones to slashes. Still, you may minimize most of the harm by searching for target regions on the floor and remaining behind him. Lassal will be more dangerous in phase two, but you should still be able to avoid his strikes and land powerful blows of your own. With patience and perseverance, you can emerge victorious from this battle.

Phase #2

The second stage of the fight against Lassal is very similar to the first. He’ll use the same combos on you but spawn Slagspitters and Demon Warriors to swarm you. These extra foes may quickly overwhelm you, so focus your attacks on them before hitting Lassal any further. The Slagspitters will be your top concern since they may quickly dish out a lot of damage with their ranged weapons. You may now concentrate on stunning Lassal and winning the conflict.

Phase #3

As the battle against Lassal enters its third phase, he will begin to use a ground pound attack more frequently. This assault deals significant damage, so you’ll want to hide behind one of the rocks that form to avoid it. Be sure to watch for the target zone and dodge out of the way to avoid taking damage. When Lassal is 33% healthy, he will Unleash a volcanic eruption. If you can survive and continue your assault, you’ll eventually be able to defeat this terrifying enemy.

Phase #4

As the final phase of the battle commences, Lassal’s vassals will begin unleashing every assault from earlier phases. However, if you have successfully made it this far in the fight, you should be able to consistently avoid these strikes and take advantage of the counter chances to cause harm to Lassal. Keep cool and concentrate on your emotions, and you’ll win easily. Good luck!

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