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How To Beat Larry (Medali Gym) In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Larry is a Gym Leader you will encounter in Medali Gym if you play Pokemon Scarlet or Violet. He is located approximately midway through your journey. You must pass a test to battle Larry and earn the Medali Gym Badge.

How To Pass The Test “Order The Secret Menu Item”

Before you take on Larry, you must pass the “Secret Menu Item” test. As soon as you enter Medali Gym, it becomes clear that this place is more like a food inventory than anything else. Your task is to find Treasure Eatery and collect what the residents of Medali have ordered. To do this, it would be best to get clues from other Gym Challengers around the city rather than aimlessly searching everywhere. In this test, you must defeat three trainers wearing the Academy uniform.

Trainer #1

The first clue is found outside Medali Gym, and the trainer who has it can be easily missed as she’s standing right next to you when you leave the gym. To find her, all you need to do is look for the metal gate–she’ll be near it and give you a clue”Fire Blast” when approached.

Trainer #2

If you go to the second Pokemon Center and walk to the three ice cream stands on the opposite side, you will find the second trainer. The clue she gives you is to find the unusual item at one of the ice cream stands–“Grilled Rice Balls.”

Trainer #3

Down the side streets, you’ll find a sandwich shop, and nearby you will find the third trainer. After you beat him in a match, he’ll give you a clue to finding the next gentleman–he has a blue bird with him. The man you’re looking for is at the end of that street; listen for when the bird says, “Meedyum.”

Make your way to the Medali East Pokemon Center, where you will find the Treasure Eatery. Once inside, speak to the businessman at the bar – he is sitting down – and he will give you a final hint: “lemon.”

In short right answers to the puzzle are:

  • Grilled Rice Balls
  • Medium serving
  • Extra crispy, Fire Blast style
  • Lemon

Now you have cleared the test, it’s time to take down Larry, the Medali Gym’s leader.

How To Beat Larry In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Knowing your enemies before the fight can give you an upper hand; the same will be in the case of Larry. He will be using the following the Pokemons:

  • Komala is Normal-Type Pokemon that will be at Level 35.
  • Dudunsparce is Normal-Type Pokemon that will be at Level 35
  • Staraptor is Normal/Flying -Type Pokemon that will be at Level 36

Since Komala and Dudunsparce Pokemons used by Larry are weak against the Fighting type Pokemon, use this type to the upper hand. If you don’t have a fighting-type Pokemon, head towards West Province’s Area Three, where you can easily catch the Primate. For the Staraptor, you can use Electric-type such as the Bellibolt.

Larry might not be the toughest gym leader, but his Pokemon can cause your real trouble. If you are unable to catch the fighting-type Pokemon, then the best thing you can use to counter with powerful attacks and avoid Ghost types Pokemon. However, you can easily beat Larry.

Larry Boss Fight Rewards

The following are the rewards for defeating Larry:

  • TM25 Facade (Normal-type Move)
  • Those who have earned the fourth gym badge can now level 40 Pokemon. And those who have earned the fifth gym badge can now level 45 Pokemon.

That’s everything you need to know about beating larry. Need more help with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Here are some more guides you may like:

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