In Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, Colonel Hansen is a former NUSA soldier who now rules the district of Dogtown with his Barghest mercs. This guide will walk you through the crucial decision and the boss fight to help you defeat Colonel Hansen successfully.


At the beginning of the Firestarter mission, you will be disguised as Aurore and Aymeric. When you meet Hansen in disguise, answer the questions in line with Aurore’s background information to maintain your cover. You will then follow Songbird to a lab, where you must choose to help Reed capture Songbird. This decision is vital as it leads to the encounter with Hansen later on.

Boss Fight Tips: Defeating Colonel Hansen

Facing Colonel Hansen in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is a challenging endeavor, but with the right strategies and awareness, you can emerge victorious. Below are some crucial tips to help you navigate this intense boss fight:

Be Prepared for Phase Changes

  • First Phase: Initially, Hansen and his mercs will only shoot at you. Equip yourself with strong armor and weapons that can deal substantial damage from a distance.
  • Second Phase: Once Hansen’s HP falls below 50%, he gains extreme speed and starts throwing knives. Be ready to dodge swiftly to avoid his attacks.

Avoid the Knife Throw

Hansen’s knife throw is not just damaging but also sets you up for a follow-up choke hold, knife stab, and toss. These moves can cause significant damage, and you won’t be able to heal during this sequence. Stay agile and keep a considerable distance to avoid this attack.

Use the Environment

Jump on top of a container during the fight. This position may prevent Hansen from executing his knife throw/choke sequence, forcing him to rely on regular shots. It gives you the opportunity to heal while continuously attacking him.

Choose Your Weapons Wisely

Employ top-tier weapons to inflict maximum damage. A light machine gun or the Rasetsu from the previous mission is suggested. These weapons allow you to deal heavy damage from a safe distance, keeping you out of Hansen’s melee reach.

Be Strategic with Healing

Since you cannot heal during certain sequences of the fight, ensure you enter the battle with full health and have healing items on standby for use when Hansen is in his shooting phase.

Finish Strong

After defeating Hansen, you have the option to finish him off with his own knife, yielding you three iconic weapons as rewards. Ensure you seize this opportunity to boost your arsenal for future battles.

Colonel Hansen Rewards

After defeating Hansen, you have the option to finish him off with his own knife. Doing so will yield three iconic weapons: Fang (a knife that cripples the target when thrown), Bald Eagle (a revolver that shreds limbs and causes Fang to return to your hand), and Wild Dog (a weapon that continuously increases fire rate and critical hit chance with repeated hits).

Hansen Boss Fight Cheese Method

Jumping on top of a container during the fight may prevent Hansen from executing his knife throw/choke sequence. In this position, he mostly relies on regular shots, allowing you to heal through these shots while attacking him with top-tier weapons. A light machine gun or the Rasetsu from the previous mission is suggested.

Should You Kill Or Spare Colonel Hansen?

Killing Hansen

If you choose to kill Hansen, you grant his wish to die, freeing him from the pain of the Blackwall’s corruption and his role as a netrunning weapon for the FIA and President Myers. This choice leads to a meeting with President Myers, who is not pleased with your decision. Despite your actions, you have the opportunity to ask for help with V’s Relic, but Myers reminds you of your failure to bring Hansen in alive and offers a meager reward of 5,000 Eurodollars. The story concludes with a meeting with Reed, who expresses disappointment in your actions but acknowledges the possible justification for killing Hansen.

Sparing Hansen

Choosing to spare Hansen is not immediately available. When presented with the choice, select the “That’s no solution” line to unlock the option to spare him. By sparing Hansen, you go against his wish to die, leaving him to a fate he considers worse than death. Despite this, President Myers is pleased with your decision, offering you an NUSA medal and a reward of 30,000 Eurodollars. Reed informs you about the help the NUSA can provide for the Relic, and you continue the story, leading to the new Cyberpunk 2077 ending in the “Who Wants To Live Forever” mission.

The decision to kill or spare Hansen in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is a pivotal one, affecting the storyline, character interactions, and the game’s ending. Each choice has its own set of consequences, rewards, and narrative outcomes, making it a significant moral and strategic decision for you to make.