Keely, the Frost Archer, is a powerful boss found in the Bandit Trapper Camp. She wields a deadly bow and arrow, and her icy attacks can quickly immobilize her opponents. Defeating Keely the Frost Archer is essential because it allows starting crafting leather.

To defeat Keely, you will need to use your archery skills to unleash a barrage of arrows upon her. When she is finally defeated, you will be rewarded with new powers and the ability to unlock the Tannery. You will be one step closer to becoming the ultimate archer with Keely out of the way.

Where To Find Keely the Frost Archer

Firstly track her blood at the blood alter after you do this, the red mist will be out of your character, which points to this boss’s location. However, Keely can usually be found at the bandit trapper cam.

How to Beat Keely

As the new ranger boss, Keely will be focused on long-range damage with her bow. Her attacks can deal significant damage and freeze players in place, making them easy targets. However, Keely is also straightforward to predict. She gets ready to attack with her bow whenever she stops in place. If you see her dash behind her or to her side, this will get you out of the way of incoming arrows.

The other attacks you should know are her AOE attack and her arrow rain attack. She will stop in place for her AOE attack and launch arrows into the sky. These arrows will land at your feet, dealing damage and freezing you in place. Her arrow rain attack is similar, but the arrows will rain down from the sky, so it is essential to move around to avoid taking too much damage. With a bit of awareness, Keely can be easily defeated.

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