When you enter the River Pass, you find Kara Valkyrie inside the Witch’s Cave. The difficulty of the fight depends on your level but if you are level 6 or higher, this should be an easy encounter. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to beat Kara in God of War PC.

Kara Valkyrie Boss Fight

Kara herself isn’t the hardest part of this fight, it is the minions she summons. As the fight progresses, she will summon Draugr with Shield, Speed, and Ranged weapons which makes them more annoying to deal with.

Since there would be multiple minions in the battle arena it is best to use Runic AoE attacks to deal with multiple of them at once. Deal with as they appear so you can focus your efforts on Kara.

The fight is especially easy if you already have access to the Blades of Chaos. While you are handling the minions, make sure to keep track of the Valkyrie so you can dodge and perry her attacks.

Use Atreus’ Shock Arrows with Chain Lightning upgrade to deal with Draugr. Every attack this Valkyrie has can be blocked or dodged by Kratos. The best way to beat her is to block and parry attacks when she comes closer.

That’s everything you need to know on how to beat Valkyrie in GoW PC. Need more help? See Gunnr Boss Fight.

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