The Kagerou is the final boss of Trek to Yomi. It’s a powerful demon samurai who destroyed Hiroki’s village, killed his master, and sent him to the world of Yomi. Hiroki finally has the chance to take down the Kagerou Demon boss at the end of the game. Read on if you want to know the best and easiest way to beat Kagerou in Trek to Yomi.

How to Beat Kagerou

Kagerou can be a tough fight, but with the right strategy, he is beatable. There are two fight phases.

Phase #1

In the first phase of the fight, Kagerou will mostly use physical attacks. So, it is essential to block and dodge his attacks. He will also occasionally use fire magic, so be sure to have a water spell or item ready. In the second phase, Kagerou will transform into a demon. During this phase, he will mainly use dark magic. He will also summon demons to help him fight. However, these demons can be quickly taken down with holy magic and ranged weapons. So, be sure to have a solid holy magic spell or item ready for this phase of the fight. With a bit of caution and preparation, Kagerou is beatable.

Phase #2

The second phase of the Kagerou boss fight can be more challenging than the first, as he gains access to magical attacks and his physical moveset. However, most of his moves can still be dodged and getting a few hits in while he’s vulnerable is key to victory. His new AoE explosions can be difficult to dodge, but you can usually avoid them if you’re quick on your feet. The most significant danger in this phase is getting too close to Kagerou, as he can deal a lot of damage with his close-range explosion attack. However, as long as you keep your distance and stay alert, you should be able to defeat him.

He will disappear once you reduce his health to half and summon two spectral versions of himself. The younger version is unarmored and vulnerable to light attacks. However, he will block nearly all of your attacks, so you’ll need to evade him first to deliver successive hits. A few well-placed blows should take him down. The current version dons armor and has the same attacks as in the first phase. Use the same strategies as before to defeat him. With perseverance and skill, you can defeat Kagerou and claim victory.

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