Justicar Azenhal’s boss fight takes place in the second act of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Justicar Azenhal boss fight guide will explain how to beat this section of Wolcen. Justicar is right up there with Zaalbezul and Nikolas.

How to Beat Justicar Azenhal in Wolcen

Similar to a few other boss fights, this one will have you take on many allies of the boss before the main fight begins. You will kill dozens of these enemies before Justicar Azenhal appears in Lords of Mayhem act two. It is not that hard to take care of them but before the main boss comes, there is a tentacled enemy that has the capacity to do a lot of damage. Avoid the tentacles and attack from the side.

Justicar uses a huge sword but moves pretty slow. His main attack is the sword swing that is telegraphed and is easy to avoid. Jump out of the way and look for an opportunity to attack. Attack and movement speed builds will help a lot. Mix that with crit damage and crit chance and you are golden. Be careful though, Justicar Azenhal also uses a shield in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem to stun you and deal even more damage. Avoid this attack at all costs so you’re not left vulnerable to damage. The allies will keep appearing so make sure they don’t overwhelm you, clear the waves as they come. Once you are done with the boss fight the remaining allies will disappear.

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