Icon Of Pandemonium is a boss you face in the newly released Salt and Sacrifice. The good news is that this boss isn’t the toughest you’ll come across. The attack patterns are easy to dodge, and since you’ll have a ton of experience fighting Electromancers by this time, the Icon Of Pandemonium becomes easy to beat.

How to Beat Icon Of Pandemonium

The boss does Light and Cold damage, so use the armor and weapons that help you deal with that. When fighting the boss, you can target the large eye and wings to deal much damage.

Icon Of Pandemonium is guarding a door, and if you get close to it, you can grab the Essense of Sky and a Frospyr Brick. The area is a bit hard to navigate through.

Attack Patterns

Homing Orb: The boss throws a homing lightning orb toward you before unleashing a bunch of them. Use the roll through to dodge these orbs.

Thunderbolt Orbs: Many orbs appear in the air that shoot lightning at you. The attacks are random, so hard to predict, so being on the defense is the best option.

Claw Swipe: The Icon does a claw swipe if you get too close.

Lightning Bolts: The Icon summons two bolts of lightning at the ground that travel along the ground. You can roll through them or jump over.

Lightning Burst: The boss gathers and then releases an energy burst. Roll away to avoid this short-ranged attack.

Lightning Cannon: The boss uses a ball of energy to launch lightning at you. These have a good range, but you can roll through to dodge this attack.

That’s everything you need to know to beat Icon Of Pandemonium. Need more help? See Kraeaxenar, Wyrm Of Sky Boss Fight, The Sapblood Heart Boss Fight.

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