Hinox is one of the world bosses you come across on the surface map in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It is quite an easy boss fight especially if you use our “coward’s method” while facing Hinox. In this guide, I will break down all the steps to beat Hinox in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Beat Hinox in Zelda TotK

Hinox is a giant but it falls pretty easily if you have enough arrows. Target the boss’s giant eye with a fire or bomb arrow to not only deal damage but stagger it, giving you an opening to deal more damage via arrows or melee attacks. You can Fuse Fire Fruit or Yellow Jelly with arrows to craft fire and bomb arrows respectively.

The key to this fight is movement so keep running around and this boss won’t be able to do anything. I would describe this boss fight as “cute” but it could prove to be problematic for players who only just came down to the Surface map.

Your general rule of thumb, against all world bosses, should be to avoid them all until you beat Yunobo and Morgalia to unlock the Fire Sage ability.

What is the Coward’s Method?

Well, you need to get access to Fire Sage to successfully use our trademarked coward’s method. All you have to do is stay near its legs and keep running circles around it. In the meantime, Yunobo will keep attacking the boss with his melee weapon and you can occasionally shoot arrows into Hinox’s eyes.

I have an entire video on this so do check it out for a better understanding of this method.

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