In the God of War Ragnarok, you will find Ironwood in Jotunheim. This is a very dark and beautiful forest where you will encounter Gryla. Taking down Gryla requires more strategy than power and is done in three phases. This guide will discuss all the details you need to know on how to beat Gryla in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok Gryla Boss Fight Tips

Phase #1 Tips: Unlike other bosses you’ve fought, Gryla cannot be stunned and hit. So to hurt her during phase #1 of the boss fight, attack the purple runes on her cauldron. You’ll know when she transforms into a cauldron because she’ll expose the Runes–and hold “R3′ to lock her; it’ll be easy to spot.

You can’t hit Gryla like normal until she’s stunned, so during Phase 1 of the Gryla boss fight, hit the purple runes on her cauldron to cause damage. It’s easier to see when Gryla has turned the cauldron around, exposing the runes if you lock on to her with R3.

She will later start throwing things from the cauldron. Dodge these items by moving close to Gryla and rolling back when she stamps her feet. Attack her four times so that her health bar will be depleted, and she will hit the floor, stunning herself in the process. Use this opportunity to counter-attack with a melee attack on the purple rune cauldron. When she backs up, the second phase of fighting will begin.”

Phase #2 Tips: The second phase of the fight starts when the floor turns red. To avoid injury, jump onto one of the ledges. The best way to attack during this phase is to wait for Gryla to come near a large candle on a ledge, then get Agraboda to blow it up.

Atreus will hit the purple runes on Gryla’s cauldron when she’s stunned. To get her stunned, Atreus hits the cauldron’s purple runes. Observe Gryla and wait for her to turn the purple runes on the cauldron before she starts throwing projectiles. Avoid getting hit by them.

Gryla will be stunned when her four health bars are depleted, so take this opportunity to use melee attacks on her as much as possible.

Phase #3 Tips: The third phase of the battle is arguably the most challenging. Just as you did in phase two, draw Gryla to the candle and then have Agraboda blow it up–this will stun her and give you a chance to target purple runes on her cauldron. Again, switch the platforms until you get the right angle of the cauldron while she is stunned.

You will die if you don’t hit Gryla with your arrows when she throws projectiles at Atreus. Don’t forget to jump over the platform to avoid the red floor, and when Gryla only has one health bar left, use “R3” to counter and end the fight.

That’s everything you need to know on how to beat Gryla. If you need more help, here are some more guides you may find helpful:

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