The Gritdog is one of the Giant Kemono monsters you can defeat in Wild Hearts. Do you have trouble taking down the Gritdog in Wild Hearts? By manipulating magnetic fields, this otter-like kemono can form sand into objects resembling Karakuri devices.


The Gritdog is a formidable opponent that can put your skills to the test with its combination of brute strength and cunning intelligence. You can succeed, however, if you make the right preparations and use the right tactics.

Gritdog Weaknesses, Strengths, Attribute Effectiveness, and Physical Effectiveness
  • Location: Natsukodachi Isle, Rogue Wave Reef
  • Attribute: Earth
  • Attribute Weaknesses:
  • Weak parts: Head, Legs, Body, Tail
  • Physical Weakness: Slash, Lunge
  • Elemental Weakness: Wind

How To Beat The Gritdog

  • Aim For The Head And Body
  • Mind The Underground Attacks
  • Use The Elemental Lantern Karakuri
  • Use Spring Karakuri To Escape The Belly Drum Attack

Aim For The Head And Body

The Gritdog’s head is its weakest part; that is what you should be aiming for in order to deal the most damage. This can be risky, but you can also deal damage while staying relatively safe if you prioritize its body. Attack when you see an opening.

Mind The Underground Attacks

The monster has a couple of attacks that come from below. These are indicated by dark patches on the ground and black particles that form around the monster. When you see these clues, you need to evade and get out of the radius in order to avoid taking damage.

Use The Elemental Lantern Karakuri

You should use the Elemental Lantern Karakuri as often as you can since it weakens the elemental attacks of the Gritdog and will help you survive.

Use Spring Karakuri To Escape The Belly Drum Attack

You can use the Spring Karakuri to get out of the radius of the Gritdog’s magnetizing Belly Drum attack. You need to time the spring right or use a couple in a row to avoid taking damage.

How to Counter Gritdog Attacks

  • Pouncing Tackle Counter: Dodge sideways out of its path.
  • Belly Flop Counter: Run and dodge away.
  • Swipe and Roll Counter: Dodge away twice.
  • Reckless Charge Counter: Roll out of the path or use Bulwark Karakuri.
  • Tail Spin Counter: Dodge away from the tail’s spin radius.
  • Tail Swipes Counter: Dodge backward twice.
  • Iron Spike Wave Counter: Pay attention to the animation and dodge out of its path.
  • Tail Spike Barrage Counter: Keep rolling out of its path.
  • Sprouting Spikes Counter: Dodge away from the ironsand indicators.

Gritdog Rewards And Material Drops

The following are the materials and rewards that you can get from the Gritdog:

  • Small Zephyr Crystal
  • Rare Gritdog Stone
  • Grithide Teardrops
  • Grithide Kemono Blood
  • Gritdog Tail
  • Gritdog Iron Nugget
  • Gritdog Incisor
  • Gritdog Fur
  • Gritdog Entric Sack
  • Gritdog Claw

This is how you can beat the Gritdog in Wild Hearts. You can also check out our guides on how you can beat the Spineglider and Fumebeak boss.