Goreswine the Ravager is one of the many bosses that players will encounter while exploring the world of V Rising. He is a powerful adversary, but if you fight smart, you can defeat it. How to beat him? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Goreswine, like where to find him?

Where To Find Goreswine The Ravager in V Rising

Goreswine is a fearsome creature that lurks in the Farbane Woods, preying on unwary travelers. While it can be found in the Infested Graveyard, some players have also reported spotting Goreswine near the Bandit Logging Camp. However, The best way to track down this creature is to use the Blood Altar, which will allow you to follow a blood scent in the form of a red trail.

How to Beat Goreswine The Ravager

Before fighting Goreswine, ensure the following things:

  • Your Gear Level Should be 27
  • Bring Health Potions To Quick Heal
  • Use Copper weapons To increase the level of your weapon
  • Craft “Nightstalker Armor” and “Blood Rose Ring”

Now you can begin your fight.

Keely the Frost Archer and Goreswine the Ravager could not be more different when it comes to their choice of weapons.

Goreswine is a powerful adversary capable of inflicting severe damage with its poisonous attacks. If hit by Goreswine, players will lose health over time, making it important to keep moving and stay out of the boss’s line of sight.

Goreswine can also summon poisonous explosions that spread toxins across a wide area, making it difficult to predict where the next attack will come from. Use Veil of Blood as it allows players to see through the boss’s cloaking ability and avoid its deadly attacks. With quick reflexes and a bit of luck, players should be able to defeat Goreswine and claim victory.

Note: Most Probably, Goreswine calls the skeletons. As a result, you should eliminate them first, or else they will become an inconvenience during the battle.


  • Ghoul (Recipes)
  • Bone Curtain (Powers)
  • Tomb(Recipes)
  • Summon Skeleton(Recipes)
  • Corpse Explosion (Powers)

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