Like every survival game, to progress in the game, the player needs to complete some challenges or by defeating bosses. SoultFoulrotaker is one such boss, a difficult one as compared to others. In V, rising this task is achieved by killing bosses, and in return, the player gets different new abilities and upgrades as rewards which help further in the game. But using proper strategies, you can beat him. This guide shares information to find his location, recommended level, recommended weapons, tips and tricks on how to beat him, and rewards.

  • Foulrot the Soultaker location: Open the Blood Altar, and you can find him southeast of the Cursed Forest. You can also see his location is pinned on the map by a red cross symbol.
  • Recommended Items: Dark silver or Sanguine Crossbow, Chaos Valley ability
  • Recommended Level: Level 60

How to Beat Foulrot the Soultaker

Foulrot the Soultaker is a horse-headed level 62 boss. Like other boss fights, you can choose to play solo or join a clan. Killing him is not an easy task to achieve. It’s recommended that you join a group and then face him. Here is the list of attacks he uses against you and how to handle those attacks to beat him.

Summoning Spirits Attack

One of the most annoying attacks is that he casts a spell and summons small puppets. These puppets doest not damage you a lot, but they can distract you and block your movement.

How to handle these puppets: Kill them first before focusing on Foulrot the Soultaker.

AOE Attack by Foulrot the Soultaker

Along with other attacks Foulrot, the Soultaker also launches area-affected attacks on you. Sky Blue circles appear on the affected area.

Avoid AoE attacks: Run from the circle that appears sky blue. Timing is the key here.

Sword Attack

During the boss fight, there will be a phase when Foulrot the Soultaker turns white, which means he will teleport next to you. When he teleports next to you, attacks with his two swords can cause lethal damage.

How to handle sword attacks: Try To dodge these sword attacks and keep moving. Don’t stay fixed at a point while you fight with him.

Note: Use ranged attacks on him because you don’t want to be close to him when he initiates his word attacks on you.


  • Power of Mist Trance; keep you invincible from the enemy’s attack for 1.5 seconds.
  • Phantom Veil recipes
  • Spectral Dust
  • Banshee

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