Outriders are a special breed of fishermen. They’re the ones who take on the big, dangerous catches – the fish that no one else is brave enough to try and reel in. Outriders have to be skilled and experienced even to stand a chance of success. So, if you’re ever looking for a real challenge, go for the Fisherman. Just don’t expect an easy fight.

Tiago tells you the legend of the Fisherman’s ghost, who exacted his revenge on the Insurgents for destroying Driftwater after they burned down their village. While fighting a fisherman, remember that you have to encounter two other dangerous enemies: Ironclad and Scorcher.

Both of these enemies are famous for their stuns and spam. If you get watched by the stun, you won’t be able to do anything and instantly get killed. Therefore you need to take advantage of the bigger arena to dodge the grenades.

How to Beat Fisherman

The Fisherman is a unique enemy. Unlike most enemies, it is not susceptible to damage effects like poison or burning over time. However, it is still susceptible to freezing and slowing effects. This makes them the perfect target for characters with skills that deal these kinds of damage.

The Fisherman is a human-like enemy that can be found at the bottom of the area, so meeting him allows you to reverse as your freeze and slow skills recharge. To beat this boss, you must use the headshots for critical damage. To encounter the Fisherman, you can use the Twisted Mags and buffed-damage bullets to target his head. Since it’s a close-range battle, you will have the upper hand to take him down.

Pro Tip: While fighting to Fisherman, use solid armor to get yourself protected by surrounding enemies.

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