The Ferocious Bear is a giant, dangerous creature that roams the forest. If you’re lucky enough to kill one, he will drop the Bear Form Ability item. This Ability can be used to destroy particular objects that were previously unbreakable. The Bear Form Ability can also regenerate health faster and better sound resistance.

Where To Find Ferocious Bear

Ferocious bear is a level 36 boss monster found in Farbane Woods, on the far east side of the map. To reach Ferocious Bear’s cave, you must walk around to the south side of the woods and approach from the back. Be prepared for a tough fight, as Ferocious Bear is one of the strongest monsters in Farbane Woods!

How to Beat Ferocious Bear

The Ferocious Bear’s primary attacks aren’t what makes it difficult to fight but the standard assaults that typically come after them. When the bear is enraged, it chases faster and forms a charge. The bear will follow up its ground slam with a couple of essential hits before moving on to the next one.

The Ferocious Bear is a fearsome opponent in combat, using its size and strength to devastating effect. However, it’s not invincible. With quick reflexes and anticipation, it’s possible to dodge the bear’s attacks and land a few blows of your own. Eventually, doing enough damage will bring the beast down, but it won’t be easy.

The Ferocious Bear can be attacked with various weapons, including bows and ranged abilities. When the ferocious is low on health, he prepares to do a ground slam. If you see such a thing coming up, be prepared to dodge out of the way of the attack. Moreover, This boss will attack you at close range, so it is best to avoid it and use ranged attacks instead. By being aware of its attacks and using ranged weapons, you can trounce this boss.

That’s everything you need to know on how to beat Ferocious Bear. Need more help? See Terah the Geomancer Boss Fight, Tristan Boss Fight.

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