Welcome to our guide on how to beat Fengxi, the formidable boss in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s Two Chivalrous Heroes mission. With its powerful charge attacks and deadly red tusks, Fengxi is one of the most challenging and fast-moving bosses in the game.

But fear not! With the right strategies and tactics, you can beat Fengxi and bring him down to his knees. In this guide, we’ll provide you with easy-to-follow tips and tricks to defeat Fengxi and advance to the next level of the game.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Fengxi Boss Fight

  • Things To Do First
  • Boss Fight Tips

Things To Do First

Fengxi starts with a morale of 20, which is twice that of Zhuyan. Planting battle flags, along with getting superior equipment, is crucial to improving your Fortitude Rank in Wo Long.

You can level the playing field significantly by utilizing all available battle flag locations in this mission.

On this level, you’ll also find the first Dragon Vein Crystal, which increases your dragon’s cure pot usage by one. Having Absorb Vitality as a Wizardry Spell is handy for restoring HP after successful attacks, especially Fatal Strikes. Don’t forget to utilize Enhanced Defense to mitigate damage.

During your previous fight with Zhuyan, you unlocked Qilin as your first divine beast. Qilin can be really useful against Fengxi but before you head into the boss arena, try to farm some enemies to fill up the Qilin Gauge.

Boss Fight Tips

Despite Fengxi’s ability to charge and swipe with its tusks, it’s also the slowest enemy you’ve faced so far. You may have trouble timing since you’re used to swift deflections, but as long as you stay composed, the fight should be over soon.

Fengxi’s charges tend to come from the other end of the arena, so you have plenty of time to evade by running or dodging, or attempt a deflection.

Fengxi will roar with its mouth wide open while charging a Critical Blow, so it’ll be slower than its standard charges.

Make sure you keep your lock on Fengxi so you can respond quickly to these charge attempts.

Fengxi Critical Blows

The body slam is also a Critical Blow attack that Fengxi can use. You can see this attack coming when Fengxi will stand on its hind legs, stumbles towards you, then slam down after a brief pause.

It’s okay to stay relatively close to Fengxi since all you have to do is deflect when its body lands on you. If you manage to deflect this attack, it’ll open up the opportunity for a Fatal Strike.

By lowering Fengxi’s Spirit Gauge, you’ll get more chances of Fatal Strikes throughout the battle. Using the Qinlin Divine Beast summon during the fight will further increase the chances of a stagger.

Just like Zhuyan, this boss can restore morale when their health drops to two-thirds.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Fengxi Boss Fight Rewards

You can the following rewards for beating Fengxi:

  • 4,658 Qi
  • 3,943 copper
  • Dizi Flute (4-Star)
  • Lieutenant-General Helmet (3-Star)

That’s all you need to know on how to beat Fengxi in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

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