There is nothing quite as satisfying in video games as taking down a powerful enemy. This is especially true when that enemy is part of a larger group of foes, and the player can defeat them all without taking a single hit.

Such is the case with Executioners in the game “Outriders Worldslayer.” Later in the game, the player will come up against these powerful enemies, who are similar to the earlier melee opponents but have even more powers.

Sometimes there will be multiple Executioners attacking at once, but with quick reflexes and a bit of luck, the player can take them all down. Defeating these enemies is immensely satisfying and gives a real sense of accomplishment.

Beating Executioner in Outriders Worldslayer

Executioners are a real pain in the neck. Not only do they have the ability to one-shot kill, but they can also stun you for an eternity. The best way to deal with an Executioner is to unload a clip of buffed-damage bullets headshot.

In Outriders, the Executioner is one of the most challenging bosses you’ll face. But there’s a way to beat him. The key is to dodge roll via your WASD keys on your keyboard or controller’s dedicated button.

By doing this, you can avoid the Executioner’s stuns, and attacks are no use against you. This is the only way to get out of his range and defeat him. So don’t forget to roll away from the Executioner in Outriders when you encounter him.

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