Rogue Legacy 2 has several obstacles to overcome. Aside from traps, puzzles, and monsters, bosses are also concerned. Estuary Naamah holds sway over the Kerguelen Plateau area of the game. A guide to defeating Estuary Naamah:

How to Beat Estuary Naamah

Estuary Naamah can be a formidable opponent if you’re not careful. This flower-mad boss will fire fiery missiles and Lily of the Valley flowers. However, With a spin kick, you can deflate her attacks quickly.

While fighting with Estuary Naamah, don’t attack her if you see the projectiles. Moreover, If you get stuck, you can rely on the Assassin and Duelist. But really, any class can do it if they’re patient enough. So don’t give up.

The boss will appear either on the beaches or in the estuaries, and you’ll have to defeat her. Three Nightmares will be summoned around the boss arena – two on the arena’s outer platforms and one on the upper-middle platform. If you keep them off for long enough, she’ll be much easier to fight.

Even if you hide inside the area of effect, opponents can still quickly attack and spin kick or execute abilities. If you keep them off for long enough, she’ll have a much harder time fighting you.

Which Moves Can Naamah Use Against You? How To Dodge Them?

Below is the Estuary Naamah Moves list:

#1 Move: A wall of fireballs will shoot from any angle.

Tip: Just leap or jump between the flames to avoid them.

#2 Move: Usually, The players are charged by the Estuary Naamah. She fires eight fireballs.

Tip: Jump over the fireballs.

#3 Move: Namah Constructs a Wall of Blossoms from any side.

Tip: Use Spin Kick To break down the wall.

#4 Move: Namah uses Homing Blossoms that aim at the player.

Tip: With Spin Kick, Homing Blossoms will be destroyed

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