In V Rising, an open-world multiplayer game, you come across plenty of bosses that you will have to defeat. By beating those bosses, players can construct their castles and gain power over others. Errol, the Stonebreaker, is one of them. This guide will share everything you need to know about Errol The Stonebreaker location, boss fight tips, recommended weapons, and rewards.

  • Recommended Gear level: 20+ Gear Level
  • Location Of Errol The stone breaker: Track him down using his scent utilizing the Blood Altar where he will be in the mine section of the BAndit copper mine.
  • Recommended Gear to Beat Errol The Stone Breaker: Boneguard Armor, Copper weapons, Crossbow

How to Beat Errol The Stonebreaker in V Rising

The Third boss you will face in V rising is Errol, The stonebreaker. He is a 20-level and an early Boss, so you don’t have much problem defeating him. You can either choose to face him alone or join a group. Facing him by joining the group puts the odds in your favor of defeating him. But if you choose to play alone, you can still easily beat him by using these simple mechanics about his attacks and how to avoid them.

  • Stay near Vermin salves so that you can restore your health if needed.
  • ¬†Errol will have small puppets around him when you are facing him. Try to eliminate them first, so you are not distracted by them while fighting Errol.

Attacks by Errol The Stonebreaker

Errol is strong in melee attacks, so try to stay away from him, and if you play in a group, other players can distract him during your attack. Here are some attacks by Errol and how you can avoid them.

  • Errol’s shock Wave attack: While fighting him, he will direct a shock wave toward you.
  • How to avoid Shock Wave attack: Move away from the affected area of the shock by keenly observing him.
  • Stun Attack: Errol will stun you for a while by using the melee attack, and if he is successful, you will fly in the air.
  • How to Avoid Stun attack: It’s better to play with a clan so others can distract him while he is trying to stun you.


  • Aftershock ability
  • Big stash inventory upgrade

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