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Valheim Eikthyr Boss – How to Summon, Beat, Surtling Cores


Valheim, the popular survival sandbox game, has captivated millions of players worldwide with its immersive gameplay and challenging boss fights. One such formidable adversary is Eikthyr, the first boss you’ll encounter in the game. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to locate, summon, and defeat Eikthyr, allowing you to progress beyond the starting biome and explore the rest of Valheim’s expansive world.

Updated on July 18, 2023: Valheim Eikthyr Boss Fight guide is updated with new information about weapons, summon, and hanging the trophy to bring more clarity to the topic. The game recently released on Game Pass and consoles, bringing this survival title to millions of new players. The first boss fight is a key moment in the game that leads to highly sort after crafting materials.

Valheim Boss Fight Guide: How to Beat Eikthyr

Eikthyr is the first boss you’ll encounter in Valheim. To find Eikthyr’s location, you need to interact with Vegvisir runestones, small glowing red stones often found near manmade structures on the Valheim map.

However, with Eikthyr, you don’t need to go on a wild goose chase.The spawn point of Eikthyr’s Vegvisir is consistent, serving as a part of the ring of stones symbolizing the Forsaken at the world’s core. By interacting with this runestone, you enable a marker on your map, which signals the whereabouts of Eikthyr’s Enchanted Altar.

How to Summon Eikthyr in Valheim

To summon Eikthyr in Valheim, you need to place 2 Deer Trophies on the Altar. Deer Trophies are obtained by hunting and killing Deer in the Meadows, the starting biome of Valheim. Obtaining Deer Trophies is not assured every time you kill a Deer, so you might need to hunt more than two Deers to collect two Deer Trophies. After acquiring these two trophies, use them at the Mystical Altar to summon Eikthyr.

Best Weapons for Eikthyr – Boss Fight Preparations

As you gear up for your first significant challenge in Valheim, the Eikthyr boss fight, there are a few key elements to consider: your armor, weapon selection, and power-ups.

Armor is your first line of defense against Eikthyr’s formidable attacks. Given the intensity of this early-game encounter, it’s crucial to equip yourself with robust armor. We suggest acquiring a Deer Hide Cap, Leather Tunic, Leather Pants, and a Leather Helmet. These items will significantly bolster your defense, helping you withstand Eikthyr’s onslaught.

Next, you’ll need to choose your weapon. Whether you’re a fan of close-quarters combat or prefer to keep your distance, there’s a weapon for you. For those who like to get up close and personal, a Flint Spear coupled with a Wood Shield makes a great combo. If you’re more comfortable at a distance, a Crude Bow and Arrows could be your best bet. The type of arrows—Wood Arrow, Flinthead Arrow, or Fire Arrow—is entirely your choice, provided you gather the necessary resources to craft them.

Before you face off against Eikthyr, it’s essential to maximize your health and stamina. Consuming three different food items before the battle is a good strategy. We suggest Cooked Meat, Grilled Neck Tail, and either a Raspberry or Mushrooms, considering the resources available early in the game.

Lastly, don’t forget to take advantage of the Resting Effect. This bonus can be activated by having your character sheltered or sitting with the warmth bonus. With the Resting Effect, you’ll enjoy a +50% Health Regen, +100% Stamina regen, and a 50% boost to all skill experience for a limited duration.

How to Beat Eikthyr in Valheim

Eikthyr boss has three main attacks: a headbutt, and two lightning attacks – one in a cone, the other in a circle around him. All three can be blocked with the shield. The key to defeating Eikthyr is to block every attack and not to deplete your Stamina with your attacks. Block, stab, rinse, and repeat until Eikthyr is defeated in Valheim.

Flint Spear and shield is the best way to beat Eikthyr but you can go a different route. However, I personally recommend spear and shield for the first boss fight.

Upon defeating Eikthyr, it drops two items: its head, the Eikthyr Trophy, and a small stack of Hard Antlers that are used to craft a pickaxe in Valheim.

How to Mount Eikthyr’s Trophy And Get Eikthyr’s Forsaken Power

In Valheim, Eikthyr’s boss fight Trophy is more than just a badge of victory, it grants you the unique ability known as Eikthyr’s Forsaken Power. After defeating Eikthyr, the first boss, you receive his trophy as a drop.

To get this power, you need to mount the trophy. First, return to the spawn point, the central location where the standing stones representing each of the Forsaken bosses are found. In the middle of this circle of stones, locate the one with Eikthyr’s runic symbol.

Right-click Eikthyr’s Trophy in your inventory and approach the stone. An ‘Attach Item’ prompt will appear. Click on it to mount the trophy onto the stone. Once you’ve done this, a mystical force engulfs the area and you’re endowed with Eikthyr’s Forsaken Power.

This power decreases the stamina used when running and jumping by 60% for 5 minutes. After usage, there’s a 20-minute cooldown. Remember, the powers of the Forsaken are a precious aid in your journey through the mystical land of Valheim.

Where to Find Surtling Cores After Eikthyr Boss Fight

After conquering Eikthyr, the first boss in Valheim, your next adventure involves hunting for Surtling Cores. These glowing cubes are a key resource that you’ll need to progress in the game.

Best Time to Look for Surtling Cores

The best time to start your hunt for Surtling Cores is post your victory over Eikthyr. This is because these cores are useless until you have the ability to mine copper and tin, which only becomes possible after you’ve defeated Eikthyr and crafted the antler pickaxe.

Surtling Cores Location

At the beginning of Valheim, you’ll find Surtling Cores exclusively in the Burial Chambers and Troll Caves, which are scattered across the Black Forest biomes. Burial Chambers are usually easy to identify as they’re often surrounded by skeletons. On the other hand, Troll Caves aren’t always guarded, but their entrances are large and hard to overlook.

How to Collect Surtling Cores

Navigating through the Burial Chambers can be challenging due to their maze-like hallways filled with skeletons and ghosts. If you’re planning to explore a Burial Chamber alone, it’s advisable to carry a large shield and a club. Sharp weapons such as swords and arrows aren’t very effective against skeletons, but blunt weapons like a club or mace can be quite useful. Surtling Cores can be found in chests and at dead ends in these underground chambers.

Surtling Cores Uses

Surtling Cores are used to construct three important structures: smelters, charcoal kilns, and portals. Smelters are used to convert raw metal ore into refined metal bars. You can create tin, copper, and iron bars by combining ore and charcoal in the smelter. The charcoal kiln is used to convert wood into charcoal, so it’s beneficial to place your smelter and kiln close to each other.

After defeating Eikthyr, you’ll gain access to the Burial Chambers in both the Meadows and Black Forest areas. These randomly generated dungeons can be a bit tricky to navigate, but the ones in the Black Forest are your best bet for finding Surtling Cores early in the game.

And that’s all you need to know how to beat Eikthyr, the first boss of Valheim. If you need more help, check out the Elder boss fight, how to tame boar, how to build a workbench, or visit our dedicated Valheim Wiki.

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