How to Beat Elkthyr in Valheim: First Boss Fight Guide

How to Beat Elkthyr in Valheim

The very first boss encounter in Valheim is Elkthyr. The creature is tough to beat early on but the first gets somewhat easier if you are using the right tools. In this boss fight guide, there is everything you need to know on how to beat Elkthyr in Valheim.

Valheim Boss Fight Guide: How to Beat Elkthyr

To beat Elkthyr in Valheim use a stone axe and make sure you have a ton of food. Also, make sure you have a home with a bed in case you die. You can respawn in the bed after you die in Valheim. Elkthyr is a stag creature in Valheim and it rushes you at every turn. Elkthyr comes with three different attacks and these attacks must be avoided at all costs. Two of its main attacks are ranged and do lightning damage. The ranged attacks are telegraphed by the antlers on its head. Elkthyr also has a close-range attack if you get to close to the boss. Elkthyr will try to lunge toward you at close range.

Make sure you are using a weapon that makes it easy to dodge Elkthyr’s attacks. A great way to deal damage to Elkthyr is through the use of ranged attacks. If you have a bow, use fire and wooden arrows to attack it. You can also use spears if that’s available. When you finally manage to beat the Elkthyr, you will get materials to craft the pickaxe. And that’s all you need to know how to beat Elkthyr, the first boss of Valheim. If you need more help, check out the Elder boss fight, how to tame boar, how to build a workbench, or visit our dedicated Valheim Wiki.

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