How to Beat Elder Longbranch in Torghast WoW Shadowlands

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Torghast is also known as Tower of the Damned is an infinite dungeon. You can play the instance solo or in a party of 5 players. Elder Longbranch is one of the toughest boss fights who can be found in Torghast. This guide will include all details on how to beat the Elder Longbranch in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands: How to beat Elder Longbranch in Torghast

Elder Longbranch has a lot of hp and can do a large amount of damage if you are not cautious of its moves. Your ability to move around and dodge will be very useful here as the boss is not that agile. The boss has nine stacks of Hardened Power at the start of the fight. The boss also gains stacks of Hardened Shell, which makes damaging him tougher. Removing these stacks from the boss will essential to do more damage to the boss and take less. Bounty of the Forest is a spell which Elder Longbranch heals the boss for 12% of it’s missing health. The ability is preventable if you have any ability that can interrupt the spell.

The boss also has the ability, Crush, which will damage and stun you for two seconds. If you have a low cooldown spell interrupt, you can interrupt both of these attacks but if not then I recommend only using the spell interrupt for the boss’s heal ability.

The boss can also follow up after the Crush ability so right after the stuns ends you should move away not to die. If you keep moving around in the fight, you can defeat the boss with ease. Gave your buffs on you when you start the fight and bring potions as you will need them.

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