You’ll encounter many difficult enemies in God of War Ragnarok and numerous significant boss encounters. One of these fights includes dealing with a large animal resembling a crocodile. This guide will discuss everything you need to know about beating Dreki in God of War Ragnarok.

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God of War Ragnarok Dreki Boss Fight Tips

Atreus and Kratos discover a dead Dreki in a small body of water not long after entering the mining district of Svartalfheim, during The Quest for Tyr. A much larger one appears and starts attacking the faster-son duo.

The boss mainly uses melee attacks that can deal a ton of damage. Dreki’s melee attacks can be blocked, but attacks that flash yellow must be dodged. It’s not to say that yellow attacks can’t be blocked, but if you do that, Kratos will become vulnerable to follow-up attacks by Dreki. Dreki also has a ranged attack at his disposal. It will spot projectiles at Kratos that can be evaded easily; roll to the side, and you will be fine. When you create space between yourself and the boss, it will use the long jump to cover the distance and attack simultaneously. This is your opportunity to go on the offensive. The attack is well-telegraphed, which makes it easy to avoid. Wait for Dreki to finish the long jump before ripping it a new one.

When you successfully drain half of Dreki’s HP, it will use an energy release attack. The only way to deal with it is by creating distance between Dreki and Kratos. When the attack is telegraphed, roll away to avoid taking damage. Dreki will also start using larger projectiles now that have a negative status effect and do a good amount of damage. If you get hit by his red attacks, use the healing orbs found in the battle arena. You will encounter Two Dreki’s in a separate mission. Two are much tougher to handle than one. Use every special attack available and make the best of Spartan Rage. Atreus is a big help because he warns you when the second Dreki is about to attack.

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